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The luggage tester industry has achieved results after structural adjustments

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-09
Introduction: In recent years, the level of some industrial automation products such as control systems has improved a lot, which has allowed the market share of our national products in the world to continue to rise. The successful development of large-tonnage vibration tables and other products represents With the progress and improvement of domestic scientific instruments and equipment, the rise of the heat meter industry heralds the broad prospects of the luggage tester industry for civilian use.  The luggage tester industry has initially seen results after the following three structural adjustments. The first is the adjustment of the objects and fields of service. One is the shift from industrial and technological needs to a balanced development of technological, industrial and people's livelihood needs. The second is the shift from adapting to new projects to a market change in which technological improvement and new projects are equally emphasized, with technological improvements being the majority.   The third is to change the excessively high proportion of thermal power and metallurgy in the industrial field, and adjust in a more balanced direction corresponding to the current development of various industrial fields. The second is that the growth rate of new products and mid-to-high-end products is greater than that of general products. According to the understanding of Jester Instruments, in the instrument and meter industry, the increase in production and sales has reached more than 15%. In fact, most of the companies benefited from the industrialization of new products and mid-to-high-end products. However, the import of products and the production and sales of foreign-funded enterprises are declining or growth has slowed.   In the end, integration and service businesses grow faster than manufacturing. A group of companies focusing on professional technological transformation, energy conservation, emission reduction, and testing services are growing rapidly. In the fastest-growing industrial automation industry, their output value has exceeded one-third. There are many manufacturers that mainly manufacture luggage tester products, and have established subsidiaries or divisions of engineering integration and service business, and their business volume has reached 10% to 30% and above. , The proportion of total business turnover is also constantly rising.  Related recommendation: Good export situation of luggage tester
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