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The structure advantages of drop tester

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-06
Drop testing machine special used to suffered from falling injury situation, packaging design and evaluation of transport carrying the whole process of shock compressive strength. In front of the drop tester for packaging, Angle and edge for random drop test, configuration of digital display height to width ratio and choose display instrument decoder track to carry out the aspect ratio, which can be obtained with falling commodity aspect ratio, falling with preset ratio deviation less than 2%, or 10 mm. Drop tester selection of single column with arms, falling dynamic calibration, motor control and electric lifting equipment: easy to use; Characteristic of the hydraulic buffer device could greatly improve the equipment, the stability and safety coefficient of arms set, can be conveniently placed goods falling Angle of impact surface and the blank layout Angle deviation is not more than 5 & deg; 。 Drop tester use manual type adjustment ratio method, place the goods on the jig fixed well, hold down key, release goods for an instant, goods will be free fall test, impact test specimen surface. Drop tester ratio can make the transformation direction of falling, and post the height gage, falling ratio may be revealed. Drop tester to adjust to a certain height to width ratio, make its free fall, a crackdown on sample, depending on the damage level to judge the quality. Apply to plastic, porcelain, acrylic, laminated glass, electronics, home appliances, household appliances, plastic, communication and other finished products or components in the installation meet met the impact during the whole process and design scheme, and to evaluate the product varieties have poor or inadequate experiment testing, at a certain ratio to fall down, try to crack down on materials, components, goods damage level was observed. Drop testing machine by PLC touch screen PLC, the system software automatic test, all the man-machine exchange. Simple and convenient. Power plant by ac servo motor show, with torque is big, the rate of large span, smooth operation. Rechargeable battery drop tester in intercepting trough bottom is equipped with automatic water drain valve, makes the detection of water pollution to the outside world. Key to drop tester for single core of rechargeable battery 2 above the floor plan with two or more core type string/tandem structure of lithium-ion battery pack in the middle of the compressive tests ( The status of the simulation rechargeable batteries by extrusion) In order to reduce the li-ion battery and lithium battery when applied in the goods caused by the risk. All test system software consists of inner cylinder and the outer packing, has three layers of explosion-proof type structure. If the rechargeable battery explosion in experiment box, it is not easy to test chamber and clerk, causing damage to the environment. All testing at the bottom of the box is installed to the universal casters and four cups, thus machine equipment can easily move into areas must be placed, goblet to machine equipment fixed in the area of must. The interpretation of the above is the drop tester structure advantage, hope can help you, if you want to learn more about information about drop test machine, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  drop tester
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