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Three new highlights in the development of shoe material tester

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-24
The position of the shoe material tester in the industrial development is self-evident. In recent years, with the development of electronic information technology and computer technology, the functions of instruments and equipment have become more abundant, and their reliability and lifespan have also been improved to a certain extent. However, today, its development has shown new bright spots.  1. System function integration: Closer integration with computers, electronic devices and strong current control, continuous control and intermittent control will be applied to the equipment together.   Second, the emergence of a new fieldbus structure: the self-diagnosis function of the instrument will be expanded, and maintenance will be more convenient, the connection of the system will be more reliable and simple, so the installation cost is also greatly reduced, and the scale of control can be changed.   Third, the addition of new smart modules: new sensors such as optical fiber sensors, polymer sensors, and biosensors continue to appear and will develop relatively quickly. Among them, the transmitter adopts high-performance microprocessor and communication technology to realize communication, digitization, and intelligence, thereby improving accuracy and range ratio, with temperature and pressure compensation, and capable of self-diagnosis, remote configuration, and remote control. Adjust the zero position, measuring range and PID control set point, and apply dot-matrix display technology to display the measured variable and set value.  Shoe material tester will continue to adopt new sensing technology and microelectronics technology, and develop towards the direction of intelligence, digitization, high accuracy, special environment, resistance to special media, ability to measure extreme parameters, non-contact measurement and long life. With the continuous development of intermittent process control, there will be new developments in the online detection of various mechanical quantities, state quantities, and chemical composition quantities.
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