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Vacuum drying oven knowledge points is introduced

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-19
Vacuum oven for drying thermal sensitive, easy to decompose and oxidative material and design, to internal into inert gases, especially of some compound material can also be a quick drying purpose: vacuum drying oven is widely applied in biochemistry, chemical pharmaceutical, medical and health care, agricultural scientific research, the research and application fields such as environmental protection, for drying, baking powder and all kinds of glass container of disinfection and sterilization. Particularly suitable for the dry heat sensitive, easy to decompose, easy oxidation material and complex component objects in fully enclosed semi-enclosed dry processing quickly and vacuum drying oven design hot air circulation system, heating up fast, high precision of temperature control, the machine set up automatic temperature control, timing system and dual overtemperature alarm function. Can be customized according to customer's requirements, reasonable structure high thermal efficiency, saving energy consumption, simple operation, easy maintenance, baking, sustainable constantly improve the quality of products and production efficiency. Especially suitable for electronics, machinery, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, drying and curing optical industry such as dust-free environment. Jester vacuum drying oven features: 1, with the function of timing digital microcomputer temperature controller, temperature control is accurate and reliable. 2, cuboid chamber, as to achieve the maximum of effective volume. 3, toughened bulletproof double glass door, to observe the object in the working chamber at a glance. 4, can adjust tightness of the door is closed, the overall molding silicon rubber sealing ring, to ensure the high vacuum degree in the cabinet. 5, the working chamber is made of stainless steel plate ( Or wire-drawing sheet) Is made. Ensure durability
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