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Battery thermal shock ( Thermal abuse) To introduce the structure characteristics of the test chamber

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-29
1, the battery thermal shock ( Thermal abuse) Chamber for box type structure, the whole machine adopts the carton + heat preservation cotton + double composite box ( Strengthening steel plate + 304 stainless steel plate) , at the same time, also adopts the structure on the door. 2, inside the box adopts double composite strengthening design, the lining is made of 304 stainless steel mirror SUS#, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, flame retardant and easy to clean features, such as carton for cold rolled steel double-sided heat treatment of the lacquer that bake. 3, high strength, high density of glass fiber cotton, good heat insulation fire resistance heat preservation material, utmost ground insulation cushion heat insulation effect, to protect the personal safety of the tester. 4, box lock use explosion-proof safety door handle design, and the door is equipped with explosion-proof traction hinge, effective protection testing staff personal safety and no environmental damage. Positive open toughened explosion-proof observation Windows, double insulation forced air tight tight, effective heat exchange inside and outside insulating enclosure, at the same time of protection, can observe the internal test case 5, equipment side is equipped with fan and obligate exhaust duct interface, the waste gas testing process can be through the adjustable blade type fan and exhaust pipe external to the laboratory exhaust fan. 6, battery thermal shock test chamber of the system. after the explosion-proof pressure relief device installation about testing, and is large enough to cover the whole body. When the tanks or piping due to abnormal working state in the surge pressure exceeds safety pressure, pressure relief devices will be quickly opened, high pressure, decrease the pressure of the door is in the oven, the impact of the box body; Pressure release time time is short, fast responsive time, guarantee the stability and evenness of temperature in the cabinet above 7, pressure relief device equipped with large capacity sealed gas collecting cover, at the same time of pressure relief, can be reserved for battery explosion of smoke exhaust guide convenient external to the suction fan, at the same time of pressure relief smoke not released into the air pollution in laboratory environment, one-piece does not affect the whole beautiful at the same time, can avoid the pressure at the same time harm the device close to people or things around; 8, shock box with dual track shelf, and dealing with insulation, can be arbitrary adjust the tray height and spacing, pallet quantity can be increase or decrease according to customer's requirement. 9, the equipment installed at the bottom of the air door, can be manually switch & other; Cycle/ventilation & throughout; State ( The opening of the throttle adjustable) , and its design goal is to choose quick discharge in high temperature gas, air or installed on the bottom is to avoid high temperature gas burned body ( Positive out of the door or the side in pores are open for testing personnel activity area, to burn risk) 10, the door is equipped with high brightness lights, can illuminate the entire test space, convenient observation test state, light and convenient disassembly and replacement. 11, battery thermal shock test chamber side open box & phi; 50 mm or & phi; 100 mm hole test ( Test hole quantity, size and location can be specified by the user) To facilitate temperature detection line connecting through. With high temperature resistant silicone and stainless steel plate, can be covered when not in use. https://www. gesterinstruments。 Com/tags: & nbsp  battery thermal shock ( Thermal abuse) Test chamber & NBSP battery thermal abuse testing & NBSP battery testing equipment manufacturers
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