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Discussion on the use of gas masks

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-27
Gas mask refers to a type of protective equipment used for breathing after removing certain toxic and harmful substances in the air by filtering. It consists of a mask part and a filter element part. Some products also use a breathing tube to connect the mask and the filter element. Masks are divided into full and half masks, filter elements are divided into anti-virus, dust-proof and dust-toxin compound protection. Any protection is limited, and the gas mask is no exception: it is not suitable for any hypoxic environment because it does not produce oxygen; its protection Performance often depends on the effectiveness of the filter and the tightness of the mask. Although people have been researching and applying gas masks for a long time, they still cannot invent a filtering method that is suitable for all harmful substances at the same time, so filter materials have their own scope of application. The role of the mask is to isolate the harmful environment from the filtered clean air. This isolation is also limited. Not only will there be a certain amount of air leakage in the components of the mask, but this method of isolation by relying on the fit of the face and the mask is not guaranteed. It is absolutely tight. When inhaling, the air pressure in the mask will be lower than the outside. Any leakage will cause harmful substances to enter the mask, so it cannot be used in a very high concentration environment. In accordance with the relevant national regulations, the production of gas masks is strictly inspected and certified to ensure that such safety products can meet the minimum requirements recognized by the country. The inspection usually includes the evaluation of the adhesion performance of the mask, and the inspection of the filtering effect of the filter element, to determine the effective filtering time of certain chemical substances of the specified concentration, and to ensure a certain capacity. In the past, due to the lack of scientific and normative guidance, the use of gas masks in some extremely dangerous environments, such as emergency rescues, occurred without authorization based on some inspection data of gas masks. As the name implies, emergency rescue is not only dangerous, but also short of time. For operators, this is the most difficult type of environment-the type of chemical substance encountered may be unknown, the concentration of harmful substances may be unknown, and whether the environment is hypoxic may be unknown (especially Refers to some small confined spaces), and may also be accompanied by other harsh conditions, such as burning, collapse, etc.; due to the urgency, there is usually no time to find out the danger and confirm the concentration; to deal with faults or save people, the intensity of the work is also conceivable And know. In this case, use a gas mask, any slight leakage or failure of the filter element can lead to a serious safety accident! The national standard GB/T 18664-2002 'Selection, Use and Maintenance of Respiratory Protective EquipmentTreatment strictly limits the types of respiratory protective equipment that are allowed to be used. They are positive pressure air respirators with full face masks (see Figure 3), and positive pressure full face mask long-tube air supply systems with suitable escape breathing equipment ( See Figure 4). Both types of safety equipment have safety features that gas masks do not. First, use air cylinders and air supply pipes to provide breathing air, which is suitable for any kind of hazardous substances; second, the full face mask is a small positive pressure environment. When the wearer inhales, the air pressure in the mask remains higher than Environmental pressure, even if there is a slight leakage of the mask, external harmful substances cannot enter the mask; third, a very definite protection time, the air respirator has a definite use time guarantee, and the long-tube air supply system allows long-term operation. These three elements of safety are not available in gas masks. In order to prevent problems before they occur and prevent possible emergencies, emergency treatment plans must be formulated in advance, rescue facilities, including respiratory protection equipment, and training provided in advance, all of which are safety guarantees for rescue operations. Only by ensuring the safety of rescuers can we have the opportunity to curb the development of the accident, save the victims' lives in time, and try to recover all kinds of losses. More about: filtration efficiency tester
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