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Domestic analysis hinder the development of testing instruments

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-26
Less and less dependent on foreign Chinese instrument industry, and independent innovation continuously in the past twenty years, has developed rapidly, but there is a certain gap with the international. Development is a distant thing, can't rush in at the moment. In many areas in the market, independent research and development of analytical instruments in industry, food, health care, are widely used in the study, has formed a kind of analysis testing technology with Chinese characteristics. The chromatograph, spectrometer, and the development of the key components of the mass spectrometer have also made some breakthrough, after the product production to reduce the dependence on the same products abroad. From the high demand of the market, make the analysis of test market rapid development situation, but the view source enterprise on the variety and quantity also far cannot satisfy the actual needs. Industry experts have also questioned why self-sufficiency in market competition, on the premise of 'independent research and development', our country the development of analytical instruments technology why always wipe the international level of the boundary line? In fact, the high precision analysis on the performance and quality both production technology and product production scale and foreign enterprises have a comparable advantage, but the enterprise with advanced foreign technology monopoly high-end analytical instruments products market in China, make the analytical instruments industry in our country is in a passive embarrassing situation. So the question comes, we are lack of technology, the overall analysis of product line is not worse than imported products. Analysis testing instrument product performance in China is a big flaw in the development of instrument and meter industry, is also must solve the problem. Although the overall index compared to similar foreign products gap is not big, but the stability and reliability is not high, many enterprises pay attention to production and ignore the product technological innovation, product quality, make the instrument industry development has a lot of unhealthy factors. Outside imports monopolize the domestic market, local domestic analysis instrument market share proportion is not big, caused the current situation, does not directly show the domestic analysis instrumentation manufacturers in the overall level is not enough, just didn't have enough source processing refinement, contributed to the cause of the heavy industry market differentiation, specific there are four major factors. A specific performance, enterprise operation system is not perfect in large-scale high-tech enterprise operation mechanism existence question, not good backbone play a good role; Rushing, many small and medium-sized enterprises lack of lack of funds, technology level of flat repeat more, analysis of testing instrument product line, but the quality and performance gap with imported equipment. Second, the product structure is unreasonable high technical content of product shortage, low product supply, there is supply and demand contradiction, cannot adapt to the strict environmental management needs. At present, the analysis of the size of the instrumentation industry, technical flat level, the problem such as competition disorder, especially after the technical performance is not stable, systematic level somewhat low lead to cheap products supply, at the same time, high quality high performance environmental protection equipment at home and no production, mostly rely on imports. Three, research and development ability is weak in the research and development ability of our country enterprise tend to rise gradually, there is still a big gap with foreign enterprises, and the mechanism of cooperation between scientific research units and enterprises is not enough refinement, make scientific research achievements cannot quickly realize industrialization. Simply have to improve on the product research and development ability, but not perfect. Four, lack of stability, reliability, quality and reliability of the products in our country has been a big flaw in the instrumentation industry development, also is must solve the problem. Although technical indicators compared to similar foreign products gap is not big, but the stability and reliability is not high. Greatly limits the scope of analysis instrumentation products, is also the instrument and meter industry in the future development of our country should solve a major bottleneck, only to solve these problems as soon as possible, to make the domestic instrument has stronger international competitiveness. For these reasons, we have to do is not the individual play, ultimate aim is the overall work together to expand the market space foil, went up from fundamental science analysis field of product performance, structure, quality and high standard integration mode of operation. Only by constantly strengthening the construction of product application, technical research, such as negative, to provide users with technical solutions for the market demand, to enhance scientific analysis instrumentation product added value, increase the competitiveness of the enterprises. In the evolution of the world bank, analysis testing instrument industry will be the 'main'. Future analysis of the testing instrument manufacturers in China will be in 'product specificity, hardware, stronger' in-depth work, and won a place for yourself, instruments and meters, science as a basic subject in its own development to drive under the influence of the research process of many related disciplines, need innovation and is able to drive forward China's science and technology industry, the leap development in practice. Instrument co. , LTD is located in the songshan lake high-tech industrial park, the most innovative features huazhong university of science and technology mechanical nc manufacturing engineering research and software research and development core team, professional production and research and development of all kinds of furniture testing instruments, toys, textile testing instrument testing instruments and general testing instrument. 。 You are welcome to inquire
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