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Factors affecting the performance of high and low temperature test box

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-08-27
High and low temperature test chamber temperature and environmental humidity is a key ingredient in a hazard equipment features, it can cause mechanical parts of rust, reduce the smoothness of metal mirror glass, high low temperature test chamber machinery part or feature to reduce the deviation; , leading to high and low temperature test chamber electronic optical components such as optical fiber sensor of aluminum film, reflective lens, condenser rust, caused by solar energy is not enough, stray light eye, such as noise, and even the instruments and equipment to stop working, and, in turn, endangering the service life of the high and low temperature test chamber, maintenance to the various calibration on time. High and low temperature test chamber precise experimental temperature, please check whether the environment humidity of intermediate relay damage fault, if the electric heater is not damaged, please use meter application three alternating current, working voltage range to 600 volts parts, put the red and black respectively in line number to indicate that an intermediate relay for H on both sides of communication, will be part of the environment humidity environment humidity 0% default setting, then the environment humidity of intermediate relay with flashing is not easy, if the working voltage of measurement value did not change, keep in the following 10 v means the damage of intermediate relay short-circuit fault condition. Or environmental humidity first part of the default set to 0%, then look at computer room is humidifying in barrels of water on to boil. An application after a certain period of time, will be accumulated a certain amount of dust, good by maintenance engineer or technical engineer under the specific guidance on time to open the high and low temperature test chamber cover for internal in the conduct of ash, in addition to the hot components of the heat pipe radiator tighten again, clean-up of electron optical box sealing dialog box, when necessary to carry out the correction, to its part of mechanical equipment to carry out the cleaning and the necessary RunHua, returned to normal, back to carry out some necessary test, calibration, and record. High and low temperature test chamber with ultra-low temperature and high temperature heat storage cold storage tank, in accordance with the position must be open DAPER, achieve rapid impact actual effect; Equilibrium temperature automatic control system ( BTC) In order to P. 我。 D。 Methods control SSR, the system of calorific value is equal to the heat loss rate, so can stable long-term application. System software of water, high and low temperature test chamber shell is located in the switch of shell behind humidifying machine mouth of water can be manipulated in a manual type water or stop adding water. Termination of water: when in the end the watering, humidifying machine mouth water will not be easy to row away. Manual type water: when in manual type water, humidifying machine mouth water will be drained. Power supply, high and low temperature test chamber shell humidifying system, water supply equipment to air humidifier and moisture stainless steel water trough automatic power supply; Humidifying system software to studio humidifying for individuals. For the centrifugal pump controlled in for storage tank water level control probe; For storage tank according to the stainless steel water tank water level for stainless steel sink supply moisture and humidifying of humidifying water tank storage tank water level device power supply. Humidification heating humidifying method. High and low temperature test box office environment of dust and corrosive gas, also can damage the mechanical structure of coordination, reduce all kinds of travel switch, function keys, optical coupling credibility, was sure to learn one of the components of aluminum film rust. Widely used in high and low temperature test chamber shell to metal materials, chemical materials, national defense science and technology, electrical and electronic components, automation components, communication components, auto parts, plastic and other manufacturing industries, aerospace, industrial production, physics of semiconductor materials ceramics and fiber materials shall shift, testing the resistance to high, ultra-low temperature constant tension of raw material and goods in heat to cold productivity of chemical reactions or physical damage, can determine the quality of the goods, from high precision IC to heavy mechanical parts, are adopted, industry is the indispensable for product testing a test case. Is the interpretation of the above factors affecting the performance of the high and low temperature test chamber, the hope can help you, if you want to learn more about information of high and low temperature test chamber, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  high and low temperature test chamber
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