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Furniture testing instrument industry analysis and the importance of furniture detection

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-19
Furniture is the importance of detecting instrument industry analysis and furniture furniture testing instrument industry analysis and the importance of furniture test 1. 1 furniture testing importance and function of furniture is in accordance with the laws and regulations of the state and the related standard, judgment, furniture products and raw materials quality, performance, the main approaches of qualified or not. Furniture testing system in furniture product quality and safety evaluation, market regulation, and product trade is an important technical support responsible, furniture to ensure product quality and safety, raising the overall level of the furniture industry plays an important role in security. Furniture inspection agencies by choosing a scientific testing method and the precision instruments and equipment, testing the products subject to inspection, accurate quality inspection results, and feedback to company. Isolated enterprise according to the test results of such unqualified products, and analyzes the quality problems, corrective measures are put forward. Through the inspection process, feedback and correction, and promote the enterprises improve the quality of our products. 1. 2 furniture test present situation of our country furniture enterprises have gradually realized the significance of furniture detection, and the test on the social institutions are also constantly improve the level of the test for the needs of the enterprises and means. At present, the furniture inspection agencies inspection mainly concentrated in the appearance of furniture products furniture, furniture mechanical properties test, physical and chemical performance and environmental performance testing these four aspects. ( 1) Surface testing: visual inspection and test all use visual, feet at the scene. Mainly feature size, paint, coating, etc. Functional dimensions must meet the requirements, to ensure within the allowed tolerance range, if the function dimension can not meet the requirements, the product is unqualified products, reduces the using performance. Such as wardrobe, its static empty depth is greater than 500 mm, clothes cross hanging inside ark, shut the door after cannot be squeezed, avoid to produce drape. ( 2) Furniture mechanical performance testing, mechanical performance test is to simulate the furniture during normal use and accustomed to using each part is a one-off, or repetitive loading conditions, with the strength or capacity test. According to the product at a predetermined use under the condition of normal use frequency, the possible misuse of strength, according to the size of the loading force and loading amount, the strength and durability is divided into five grades test level, which USES frequently or not determines the test level, the products in a static load, durability and impact test. ( 3) Furniture physicochemical performance testing: the main seven indexes of inspection, the paint film resistance to dry, wet and heat resistance, abrasion resistance, adhesion, gloss, film thickness and film resistance to cold and hot temperature difference. The film adhesion, abrasion resistance and resistance to cold and hot temperature difference is particularly important, it determines the service life of wood furniture surface paint film. ( 4) Environmental performance testing: mostly free of formaldehyde in the wooden furniture and soluble heavy metal testing. National standards for the determination of formaldehyde content or to release a quantity to the three kinds of methods: perforation extraction, dryer, climate box ( Environmental test chamber method) ; Detection is soluble heavy metal elements in the furniture surface apply adequate amount to the coating of the product, according to the national standards, using atomic absorption spectrometry determination of soluble metal content in paint and varnish. To furniture environmental performance testing related research, the European and American countries in China started late. The 80 s, the United States and Europe has been the implementation of strict environmental standards of furniture products. For formaldehyde, heavy metal content in China most of our standards with reference to the European and American countries. Even so, our country in furniture and interior decoration decorates material harmful material set limit to the provisions of the aspect has been keeping up with developed countries, and international levels.
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