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Leather rubbing fastness tester for innovation and is faced with the problem of how to create plans

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-23
Leather rubbing fastness testing-equipment' target='_blank'>tester is innovation and the creation of a plan what problems in recent years, through the innovation and the creation of a plan of leather rubbing fastness tester, Peking University has successively won the Ministry of Science and Technology major national instruments subject 3 and funding. Compared with the significant achievements for national key projects, these projects in terms of achievement transformation and application of the 'strong' and not enough. In school supported by the project, the number has the support of the enterprise, is also not many. 'These projects mainly play a role of the seeds, namely through seed project to get more and more large-scale national projects. 'Peking University test service base, deputy director of the research and development, and the Beijing north micro structure analysis and test center co. , LTD. , general manager of pku jiang to feng told reporters that if done by that standard, these projects are each success, because most of the projects have already obtained the further investment, have the space to hang on to continue to do. With full commercialization and mature leather rubbing fastness tester to do research, you can put the function of the tester to the maximum, and make some very nice work, but it is very difficult to want to make the original results. As Beijing university equipment management, the director of the office of yong-yi zhou noted in an interview with reporters, to be original, your tool must have unique features. Domestic colleges and universities, with some modifications to myself teacher make the experiment of friction fastness tester, but they also have to swing between scientific research and assessment. Many teachers are owing to pressure of the scientific research or innovation, will go to hell tester by themselves, but this is the result of scientific research needs activity and subsequent business development are not necessarily linked. Under the existing system, 'with leather rubbing fastness tester' would not be taken as a core business of scientific research, as the industry are also may not become the mainstream. In the final analysis, it is a 'baton' problem.
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