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Performance test method for canister of filter type gas mask

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-30
Subject content and scope of application This standard specifies test methods for the anti-virus performance and physical properties of filter-type gas mask canisters (hereinafter referred to as canisters). This standard applies to the performance testing and evaluation of filter-type gas mask canisters: other related products can also be referred to. Reference standard GB 2890 General technical conditions for filter gas masks GB 7702.10 General method for determination of effective protection time of coal-based granular activated carbon Test operation Open the compressed air (or negative pressure suction) piston, use the piston (K1) to adjust the total air flow; use the piston (K2 and K3) Adjust the humidity of the air flow; use the piston (K9) to adjust the gas flow of the canister. Slowly open the piston (K4) and the piston on the evaporator (or cylinder), adjust the height difference of the liquid column of the flow meter (K5) to the position where the concentration has been calibrated in advance, and record the test time with a stopwatch. Method for measuring the concentration of mixed gas poisoning agent: a. Gravimetric method Use a balance to weigh the weight of the evaporator before and after the test (accurate to 0.05g). The concentration of the mixed gas poisoning agent is calculated according to formula (1): where: c——the concentration of the mixed gas poisoning agent, mg/L; m1——the weight of the evaporator before the test, g; m2——the weight of the steamer after the test , G; t——opening time of the evaporator, min; V——air flow, L/min. In the chemical absorption method, two absorption bottles are each filled with 25mL of absorption solution and connected to the DX-1 device in series (see Figure 1). Turn on the piston (K6) and the mixed gas will pass through the absorption bottle at a speed of 50-100mL/min. Use a lower mouth bottle and a measuring cylinder or a flow meter to measure the ventilation. The volume of gas passing through the absorption bottle in each test is between 1.5 and 3.0L. At the end of the test, close the piston (K6), remove the absorption bottle, transfer the absorption liquid into the Erlenmeyer flask, determine the poisoning dose of the absorption liquid by chemical analysis, and calculate the concentration of the mixed gas poisoning agent vapor based on the volume of water discharged from the lower mouth bottle . Determination of poison vapor permeation filter poison tank——indicating method Fill the indicator bottle with 20mL indicator liquid, connect it to the DX-1 test device (see Figure 1), and pass it at a speed of 1.0±0.1mL/min. When the trace poison passes through the filter poison tank, the test end point is judged according to the color change of the indicator; it can also be measured by instrument. After the test, close (K4), and continue to purge the instrument with clean air for 20 minutes. Test results The concentration of the poison in each test should be within the specified range to be effective. The anti-virus time measured under the test concentration is converted into the anti-virus time under the standard concentration according to formula (2): where t——filter The anti-poison time of the poison tank, min; t1——the anti-poison time under the test concentration, min; c1——the concentration of the poison in the mixed gas during the test, mg/L; c0——the specified standard concentration, mg/L. More information: http://www.standard-groups.com/FilterMaterial/4.html
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