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Testing and main parameter setting before textile instrument application

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-05
  When using textile instruments, its graph copy ratio is large. For this reason, its application is more convenient and more flexible than usual equipment applications. It can be selected and set according to the necessary proportion. As far as the data statistics are concerned, the equipment is powerful, and it can be used as the basis of data analysis based on random statistics and graphs. Before starting each machine, you must do a test, press and hold the reset switch to restart the instrument, otherwise the data processing method will display the wrong information; when the instrument is calibrated and the zero key is set, the force sensor is automatically reset. The role of zero is a warm reminder to maintain the upper lathe fixture when starting the instrument and equipment, except for its own weight, without all other additional support, otherwise peeling is prohibited, which will cause inaccurate detection.    Textile instrument input and set the main parameters, which should be carried out just before the start of the experiment, otherwise, it will cause the data processing method error. In the textile instrument automatic management program, the detection value judgment program flow is set to test the significantly incorrect data. It will be automatically deleted and solved; warm reminder that if the instrument and equipment continue to automatically delete the current detection value several times, it is usually the current offset of the zero value, and you should press the zero key to return to zero and then test again.
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