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Testing equipment chairman of the board of directors of the company take you interpret the past and the future

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-13
City jester testing equipment co. , LTD is a professional engaged in various types of battery safety testing equipment, environmental simulation equipment research and development, production, sales and service of manufacturing enterprises. Since company established, after twelve years of wind and rain washing, steady progress, thrive, in the final test equipment industry is occupied the first place, have a brilliant achievement. Recently, the jester instrument, chairman of the magazine interview, a word says the jester instrument's development course, take you interpret the jester's past and future. In north-west 'really like iron, and now stepped from the jester testing equipment chairman said: & other; Enterprise's development is a process of constantly break through the bottleneck period, like industrial chain cycle, funds to talent and then to capital & throughout; 。 Jester testing equipment company along the way, the problems, is also a capital and talent. Just start a business, because the awareness is not enough, seek cooperation time often go to the wall, then the company adjust strategy, dedicated service for small businesses, when orders for a certain basis to begin after the promotion, gradually into the right track. Jester started very simple testing equipment company, start-up costs only 5000 yuan. The tigers computer market to buy a second-hand computer, and then began to answer the single, start from small companies, slowly to accumulate funds. With time step a footprint, until today in development of the enterprise in the industry can not be ignored. Talent and customer, it is the survival and development of an enterprise with the increase of capital investment and the development of the company, jester testing equipment has met the new bottleneck, in modern times, talents are very expensive, testing industry, especially the production workshop, need to configure the high knowledge of high technology talents, so as early as three years ago, jester testing equipment company set up r&d center in Shanghai, is configured with more than 10 research and development team, although only more than 10 people, but the artificial spending is spending 1 company Wan Jiang factory personnel. 5 times, research and development team can do rapid response to market and customer requirements. Jester testing equipment, chairman of the firm said: & other; The cost of r&d can't throughout the province &; 。 At the same time the company set up sales department in south, recruitment and netting highly educated professionals, as the salesman one bachelor's degree is required. Jester detection equipment is very pay attention to the cultivation of the talent and accumulation. Deep Chinese and foreign, to international testing equipment as a niche manufacturing industry, require companies to technology in production have very high demand, in this regard, jester testing equipment, the company has a number of patents. At present, the company's main products include battery ( Package) Safety testing equipment, environmental simulation test equipment, into a shoe leather testing instrument, mechanics of materials testing machine, etc. , jester testing equipment company and south duracell, have close relations of cooperation, and its us headquarters and the United States Google's long-term suppliers. Development is a positive, in China, the land produces the effect of international, jester detection equipment has been sticking to stick to continue study abroad experience at the same time, constantly achieve self-transcendence, & other; I really believe that the patriotic not blindly exclusive, but beyond the other party, on the strength of early realization of China's standard & throughout; To buck the trend, take root in China, precision farming products, details and service, this is his survival, also is the beginning of his aims. Chairman hu jintao stressed that under the condition of the economic situation is not optimistic, enterprise leaders appear especially important decisions and stick to, satisfied not frivolous, frustrated, don't give up. He believes that as long as getting the product in the middle and lower reaches of form a complete set, don't blindly an inter-bank, good product no matter how tough the economy situation will occupy the corresponding market. Believe jester test equipment under the leadership of the such a sex Wolf, will be better and better, more walk more far.
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