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Thanks to optimal force ( Changzhou) To cooperate with quality technical service co. , LTD

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-30
Jester testing equipment company is a collection research and development, production, sales for the integration of test equipment manufacturers, the company is the domestic earlier research and development production battery safety performance test equipment manufacturers, one of occupies a major position in the industry. Optimal force ( Changzhou) Quality and technical service co. , LTD. , to cooperate with jester, is a cooperation is to show our strength, jester is willing to superior force ( Changzhou) Quality and technical service co. , LTD. A deep into the communication technology, is also a sincere communication, to promote the cooperation of two companies well, thanks for optimal force ( Changzhou) Quality technology service co. , LTD. , choose the jester, choose the jester battery testing equipment, the customer's trust and support is jester is the cornerstone of progress and growth. Optimal force ( Changzhou) Quality technology service co. , LTD. , founded in 2019, optimal force is the main electronic equipment, instruments, and software testing, inspection, certification, identification and technical advice, technical services ( Subject to ratification in accordance with the law of business will be subject to corresponding qualification certificates for approval content) ; According to the customer, is engaged in the import and export commodities and parts inspection, testing, identification and technical advice, technical services, In the import and export commodity inspection appraisal agency qualification certificate 'approved scope shall prevail) 。 Optimal force ( Changzhou) Quality technology service co. , LTD. Battery measurement instrument because of its high detection data zhunque sex, security, reliability and other advantages. Jester company USES the advanced automation polymer lithium battery production equipment, the practical new type design, professional spirit and excellent quality system hopes to make optimal power quality technology service co. , LTD. , has a leading position in employment. Optimal force ( Changzhou) Quality technology service co. , LTD. , the find a jester, mainly in order to establish and perfect the company's own battery safety comprehensive test center, so the order from jester of a complete set of battery testing equipment, including combustion tester, battery drop tester, battery temperature control circuit tester, battery needle-punching machine, extrusion machine, battery weight impact testing machine, etc. A battery need to detect whether safety, need to go through the whole of the security of the test equipment to test and verify. The jester company is more in line with the responsible for customer's positive attitude, for customers with stable performance, high precision, safe and efficient battery testing equipment.
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