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The characteristics of heavy metal furniture test instrument configuration

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-03
Heavy metal furniture testing instrument configuration characteristics of heavy metal furniture light path structure of test equipment using the latest patented technology, the minimum light spot diameter can reach 0. 5 mm, supplemented by the exact spot location system, which can realize the complex samples from split direct measurement requirements. 16 groups of compound filter configuration: nda200 type composite filter configuration 16 group, is one of the most complete industry configuration, the highest number of configuration; 16 sets of filter configuration, greatly ensures the XRF analyzer in view of the adaptability of various kinds of complex samples test. The built-in standard working curve: instrument built-in meet eu - Rohs and China Rohs certification requirements of the base material of work curve, convenience for the user directly; And consistent with the designated by the state certification testing laboratory. Analysis of hierarchical management software operating systems: instrument operators, engineers, two levels of operating system software configuration function menu, facilitate the orderly management of the factory; The operator menu simple and intuitive, avoid important instrument parameters are modified by mistake; Powerful engineer menu, set the permissions on the various parameters of instrument is open to all users.
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