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The export situation of luggage tester is good

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-09
Abstract: 'Since the beginning of this year, our company's export situation has been good. Not only the major customers in the European and American markets have become more stable, but the luggage testing-equipment' target='_blank'>tester products are also popular in emerging markets such as ASEAN.' The foreign trade staff told the editor like this.   The United States, Europe and Japan have always been our main export markets, but now ASEAN and other emerging markets are becoming more and more important. Through our development of emerging markets in recent years and the full-scale liberalization of goods trade in the ASEAN Free Trade Area, more than 90% of the luggage testers on both sides have implemented zero tariffs, and enterprises have ushered in a great opportunity to open up the ASEAN market. opportunity. Although the luggage tester industry has developed rapidly, the gap with foreign countries is still relatively large, which is mainly reflected in the slow progress of technological innovation and industrialization, the lack of key core technologies, low-level duplication, and product stability. Neither performance nor reliability have been fundamentally resolved for a long time, and a large number of imports have caused great adverse effects on the development of the industry.   With the development of the national economy and high-tech industries, modern luggage tester technology has become a strategic demand for our country. We suggest that before 2020, with universities and research institutes as the main body, strengthen the training of personnel in related fields and research on common foundations. From 2021 to 2030, it will be used as an enterprise. As the main body, based on the research of common technology, for the national economy and scientific research, carry out the research and development of large-scale precision analytical instruments with different performance indicators and characteristics, so as to realize industrialization. By 2030, the development and Ru0026D of quantum measurement standards and traceability, high-end sensors and core technologies, precision measuring instruments in the high-end industry, and life medical and food hygiene instruments have reached the international advanced level. Some areas To be ahead of the international level, and to have the ability to mass produce high-, middle- and low-end large-scale precision analytical instruments.   Related reading: Mobile Internet provides a good opportunity for the luggage tester industry
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