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The functional diversity of tensile testing machine

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-28
Tensile testing machine can complete set rate, accurate positioning, load, load rate, ground stress resilience, calm resilience rate control method combined with various links such as transformation manipulation, single can be optional collocation into infinite variety of control mode: offset > =, migration, < =, load > = load < =, yield point, the breakpoints proportion, in-situ stress > =, geostress < =, resilience > =, resilience < =, can consider to different testing requirements. Tensile testing machine can be multilingual arbitrary switching: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English. Energy ( 公斤,g, Kn, N,磅) Deviation ( mm、cm、inch) Enterprise can be arbitrary switching, in-situ stress, resilience, virtual case: interface according to in-situ stress, resilience rate of change. Data information to zero energy independent respectively, zero offset, deformation, can also be for, in addition to zero offset, deformation energy. Tensile testing machine can be arbitrary switching display information in the testing process all kinds of graphs: load - Offset, load - 时间,偏移- Time, in-situ stress - Resilience, load - 2 o 'clock widened. Test specification online editor modular type in long-term enable: a casual show user Settings required to use the test specification, test specification's architecture is all development and design of no limit on the manufacturing industry application, category contains metal materials, non-metallic materials, materials and finished products of GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS… Such as test specification. The sample of the tensile testing machine materials online editor USES a modular type is enabled for a long time, to be free to show the user Settings required to use the sample data. A formula editor modular type is enabled for a long time, for the user can add, change, delete the formula to calculate all kinds of testing need to consider the calculation of different detection rules. Professional form online editor, simple creatures from such as WORD popularization simple forms online editor to allow customers to easy and convenient to write and make copies of all sorts of their own interests form program built-in double form online editor is completely open to the public users to write a variety of forms, report format (for inspectors to choose their own hobbies Test code increases the built-in EXCEL spreadsheet to write professional development over the past a single technology the layout of the form) 。 Tensile testing machine of mobile phone software is overweight maintenance: maintain overweight load values show customer optional Settings ( Application domain) 。 Pattern, points more pen results of 3 d converted more pattern queries, free transform coordinates display information, optional zoom in various test curve can be carried out again for test result analysis, to calculate again, behind the tour DE France, gradually close to the method of proportion broaden the compressive strength, load point, offset point set, from segment to set these. Check out can be automatic archive, manual file type, automatic calculate * big energy, the end of the test, the tensile strength, compressive strength, tensile strength, elastic mould, tensile strength, from section * great value, small *, mean it. Strong tensile testing machine test result data statistics analysis, except for general ChanJie manipulate individual income test curve to carry out the various main parameters of crawl and calculate, but also to the unique detection of multistage control graph for all orders of main parameters of crawl and calculate and can be arbitrarily set is calculated. Test results to EXCEL, such as the output file format of the data information way, is the best way to carry out under the unified production batches of data statistical analysis, form copy, also can choose at will, the testing results of the component under different production batch number to carry out the data statistical analysis, form copy search function: historical time test result can be respectively according to the testing time, testing information, test results to carry out the search, can also be applied three logic of statistical analysis to carry out the testing results of historical time search function. The interpretation of the tensile testing machine is multifunctional, hope can help you, if you want to learn more about information of tensile testing machine, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  tensile testing machine
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