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The functional use of hot and cold impact test box

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-06
Hot and cold temperature impact test, impact test box is mainly used to do characteristic is the transformation of temperature time is shorter change quickly to produce temperature impact of goods. Under the in a flash by the extremely high temperature and cryogenic natural environment can withstand level continuously, only need 10 seconds to ultra-low temperature - can be changed from 150 ℃ high temperature 65 ℃, time to repair within five minutes. Hot and cold impact test box is based on the temperature of the sudden changes in the natural environment for goods sample to carry out the temperature impact, the structure of the different transformation time is slightly different, as the hot and cold impact test box commutation time less than three seconds, two van hot and cold impact test cases of the transformation time of less than 5 seconds. Hot and cold impact test box is mainly used to welders, electronic equipment, raw materials and various parts of the high and low temperature impact test and the surrounding air temperature change significantly under the standard of adaptability experiment. Selects the superior manufacture bladder select stainless steel plate, the chassis electrostatic induction electrostatic powder coating. The maintenance of sound alarm function: possess overheating fault, ZouDian, personal studio; Refrigeration compressor over voltage, load, such as steam pressure, water supply security measures. The machine workers make people are not on the machine to carry out the maintenance and inspection, maintenance inspection, carried out by staff, surveillance, in addition to have care workers avoid not insider staff to carry out the power connection reclosing, cause accident getting an electric shock to death. Hot and cold impact test box of refrigeration unit heat pipe radiator ( Cooler) Should be timely maintenance, keep clean. Dust sticky on the cooler can make the refrigeration compressor to get rid of the false alarm caused by high voltage circuit breaker, the cooler should be on time every month maintenance, using wireless vacuum cleaner will be cooler heat wire net dust adhesion of the gettering or boot after the application of qualitative hard hair brush or by high compressed air drying net mouth of dust. Feeding mouth or take a test, from the chamber of a stove or furnace cannot let objects and touch the door rubber edge, prevent the rubber edge damaged and reduce the service life. Hot and cold impact test box at the bottom of the surrounding and the road to keep clean anytime and anywhere, in case of a lot of dust suction in generating set cause accidents and reduce the feature. Refrigeration system software is the key to the cold and hot shock test chamber, please rectified safety inspection once all air conditioning copper tube with and without leakage snow kind of situation, each mouth rinse beep connection, welding welding, if there is oil leakage, please immediately solve technical professional staff. Hot and cold impact test cases of high and low voltage power distribution room cleaning maintenance at least once every year, the loose contact will make all machinery and equipment in dangerous working condition, light burned parts, or fire accident, alarm, accidental injury risk. When clearing clear using the dust suction machine will room gettering. The above explanation is the hot and cold impact test box of functional purposes, hope can help you, if you want to learn more about information about hot and cold impact test chamber, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  hot and cold impact test cases
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