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The main method to solve the problem of furniture tester industry

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-01
Abstract: The current status of the furniture tester industry in my country shows that: our problems are mainly manifested in the low technological content of products, low product quality and reliability, poor innovation capabilities, low competitiveness in the international market, etc. problem.   These problems ultimately point to the cultivation and application of talents, technological development, and market expansion within the industry. These aspects are also the main focus of our country to solve the problems of the furniture tester industry and promote the future development of the industry. In the context of the global financial crisis, the development of the industry requires not only a good development trend and prospects, but also problems and deficiencies in the industry cannot be ignored. Only in this way can we ensure the stable and healthy development of the industry in the general environment.   Furniture tester urgently needs to expand into a new field. It is necessary to break through the weakness of relatively weak scientific research and innovation capabilities, so that the industry can continue to develop strongly. Automatic detection technology, automatic control technology, sensor technology, safety instrument technology and wireless technology will all become the focus of future efforts and breakthroughs. The expansion of these new fields will also bring great impact to the development of the industry. opportunity.   Therefore, my country urgently needs to increase investment in technology and innovation in scientific research in order to be able to adapt to the trend of high automation and intelligence in the future. Therefore, automation control technology, safety instrument technology, automatic detection technology, sensor technology and wireless technology will all become the key points that need to be focused on and breakthroughs in the future.   It can be said that the development of any industry will inevitably be accompanied by huge competition, especially in the furniture tester industry. We need to continue to improve technology and product innovation, and further develop from the low-end field to the high-end field, so as to further compete with foreign companies in the market. And some well-developed foreign companies can also be good examples for us to learn. Although others will not tell you how to make progress, we also need to ponder and practice with great concentration.  Related reading: What China's furniture tester industry has to pay attention to
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