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Hot wet principle of alternating high and low temperature test chamber

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-08-29
High and low temperature testing-equipment' target='_blank'>test chamber principle of alternating high and low temperature test chamber of damp and hot air through the open water, with water on the surface of heat exchange, according to the water temperature is different, can only sensible heat may both sensible heat, and moisture exchange, as well as latent heat exchange, direct contact with the surface of the water, the air in the test chamber in close to the surface of the water, because the water molecules as the result of the irregular movement, formed a temperature equal to the surface temperature of saturated air boundary layer, and the concentration of water vapor molecules or water vapor partial pressure depends on the saturated air temperature of the boundary layer. Such as testing the concentration of water vapor molecules in the cabinet is greater than the air concentration of water vapor molecules ( The boundary layer water vapor partial pressure than air water vapor partial pressure) , the water vapor in the air will increase the number of; The opposite will be reduced. The former is called 'evaporate, the latter is called' condensation, in the process of evaporation, water reduces in the boundary layer of molecular was jumping out of water molecules in the water, in the process of condensation, excessive water vapor molecules in the boundary layer is expected to return to the surface of the water, thus, the sensible heat transfer between air and water depends on the temperature difference between the boundary layer and the air above, and thus caused by the wet exchange and latent heat exchange depending on concentration or partial pressure of water vapor molecules between them. Salt spray test chamber laboratory internal spray tower: invisible glass shower nozzle in the nozzle, spray tower pipes approach road to the distributor by the conical dispersion into the test; Spray regulator: adjust the size of the spray quantity, raise the spray amount, lower spray volume decreases. Preheat brine tank, spray in the bottom, the trough of the brine is by salt water supplement bottle injection preheating tank, preheating tank water level controlled by the floating ball, can automatically control the water level, there is cleaning of drain at the bottom of the groove is controlled by the silicon rubber plug; Collector: the nozzle of the amount of fog, in free fall within the funnel cup of 80 cm2, pipe flow by the tao to measuring cup; Wet bulb glass: l wet bulb is humidity fashion water used container; Shelf: this frame is made from plastic, therefore the concentration under the weight not exceed 2 kg is limited, such as distributed is compatible with the bear within 10 kg. Two rows shelf up and down both sides of round hole, the buy object bar is the place to 15 degrees, 30 degrees in vertical plane; Filters: filters in the salt come into qualitative, glass filter; Heat sink: this sink attached to the bottom of the laboratory, used for water heating balance laboratory temperature, the functions of heating and heat preservation. Salt spray test chamber laboratory external dry wet bulb: reading test of indoor temperature and humidity; Measuring tank: collection of spray for each test, the scale of 50 ml; Isolation tank: using the principles of water seal to avoid leakage of salt fog; Saturated air barrels: placed in control of the bottom, b closed, only the sus# 304 stainless steel plate, its function lies in the air with the barrels of heating, heating, make the air after saturated humidity to nozzle spray; Salt water supplement bottle: automatically added salt water preheating tank of salt solution; Test cover: rooftop bevel 100 bottom cover of perspective, used to cover on top of laboratory is an organic whole; Pressure regulating valve: the valve is too low, high air pressure through the calendar table shows the pressure to adjust; Pressure for table: this table pointer air through a saturated air is shown the pressure of barrel temperature, arrived at the nozzle of pressure; Exhaust pipe: 1 1/2 'diameter pipeline: joint drainage pipe in water stain, make it the wastewater discharge; Nozzle: supplementary laboratory and the water of saturated barrels to normal use. Salt spray test chamber temperature control: control system laboratory is the temperature of the control laboratory, in accordance with the standard temperature setting temperature, salt water test 35 ℃. Resistance to corrosion test of 50 ℃; Saturated air barrel temperature controller, and control the temperature of saturated air barrels, temperature setting, salt water test 47 ℃ corrosion test of 63 ℃; Timer: adjustable 0. 1 - 9999 hr can set the time needed for test, at the end of automatic stop; When product: 0 The accumulation of time 99999 hr test; Salt spray test: laboratory temperature controller is set to 35 ℃, the heat sink temperature controller set 47 ℃ ( 40℃- 50℃) ; Resistance to corrosion test: laboratory temperature controller is set to 50 ℃, heat water; Temperature controller is set to 65 ℃ ( 60℃- 70℃) ; Lab over temperature controller: lab at high temperature, can cut off the heater power to stop heating, protection of PVC board ( Located in the control box) ; Pressure barrels over temperature controller: through barrel temperature too high, can cut off the heater power to stop heating, protection of PVC board ( Located in the control box) ; Power switch: the light become warped plate, control the total power of the whole machine; Salt spray test chamber operating switch: the light become warped plate work, control of laboratory heating trough and saturated air barrel heating system; Timer switch: according to become warped plate, light control time controller of power; Left low water level warning lamp, heating tank water level below the lower limit, then the lights, and to cut off the electricity operation system; Right low water level warning lamp: saturated barrels of water level in the lower limit, then the lights, and cut off the operating system; Spray switch: according to become warped plate, light control spray system; Mist switch: according to become warped plate, light control mist system.
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