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How do textile instrument companies deal with Baidu's bidding chaos?

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-05
The latest news from Standard Group: Baidu has launched a series of major events. Since Baidu’s large-scale commercialization, the society has never stopped accusing it and crusades against it. This time the situation would not improve if it were not for the intervention of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. However, 2016 can be described as the year of Baidu’s major earthquake. The Tieba incident, the Wei Zexi incident, and the recent crusade by Meng Fei are enough to make Baidu's public relations department suffer. Recently, 'Meng Fei Xiaomian' has once again questioned the reliability of Baidu search. On June 12, Meng Fei stated on Weibo, “Meng Fei Xiaomian has never commissioned any institution to develop franchise stores, and information such as Meng Fei’s franchise training, ranked number one in Baidu’s search engine, has never been shared with me and mine. The company verifies that it is suspected of fraud. Don’t be fooled.” At the beginning and at the end, it reiterated that “Baidu information is not credible”. The 'Meng Fei Xiaomian' joining promotion time once again put Baidu at the forefront. The chaos of bidding promotion has been around for a long time, so this is not surprising to the centralized crusade against Baidu. At present, many textile equipment companies are also very dependent on Baidu. Bidding promotion. Now that Baidu bidding is so fierce, the marketing cost of the textile instrument industry is increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to seek transformation and get rid of the excessive dependence on Baidu bidding, which has led to the passive situation of the enterprise falling into a vicious circle. More about textile instruments
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