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How to correct operation and maintenance bag drop hammer impact testing machine

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-22
Bag drop hammer impact testing-equipment' target='_blank'>testing machine is used to imitate the suitcase in the process of transportation, and other packaging are destroyed drop, impact, and the rolling test, the trunk and the protection ability of the packed commodities inspection, as the basis of product improvements. There are a lot of details in the process of operation and problems need to pay attention to. 1, luggage drop hammer impact testing machine operating considerations (1) pendulum is in in Yang hang on hang put institutions, staff may not be within the scope of the pendulum swing activity or work, in order to prevent suddenly loses power risk. (2) the thunderstorm weather, ground wire, please do not pull out the power cord may be connected with the outside world, such as electrical conductor. (3) if not power off, please do not plug any electrical parts and the attachment. (4) non-professional or authorized personnel. Prohibit open products shell, otherwise all the consequences. 5. Don't bring food or liquid splashing into the equipment, and shall not be any cracks of items in the equipment, otherwise it may cause short circuit of the internal parts and cause fire or get an electric shock. 6 when removing control box parts, be sure to unplug the power cord, ensure that the host without electricity. 2, luggage drop hammer impact testing machine maintenance and maintenance (1) often keep clean, health equipment and LCD control system. (2) to prevent the high temperature, moisture, dust, corrosive medium, such as water immersion machine or internal LCD control system. (3) regular check, maintain the integrity of the parts, components. (4) pay attention to easy to rust, coated with anti-rust oil. (5) pay attention to add lubricant sliding part, rotating part. Jester testing equipment co. , LTD is a professional research and development design, production, sales of battery safety testing equipment of high-tech enterprises, our new offer one year free warranty service. R&d and production in the industry we are zui early one of battery safety performance test equipment manufacturers, after 12 years of rapid development, our company owns a complete production system and mature production technology, for more than 30 of the invention brick certificate, more than a dozen computer copyright certificate, certificate of honor more than a dozen high-tech products, product market reputation is good, the best-selling domestic and exported to overseas. If you have a need to buy test equipment, can contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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