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The architecture of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-04
Constant temperature and humidity test chamber is mainly composed of seven parts: the structure of the system, cooling system, heating system, humidity, air conditioning system, control system and safety system. Body shell is made of cold rolled steel plate electrostatic coating, the tank is made of high quality 304 stainless steel plate, h middle of box is equipped with large viewing window, with observation lamp, let users can clearly see that the samples could be tested. The overall appearance beautiful and easy. Thermal insulation layer is made from rigid polyurethane foam and superfine glass wool, has high strength, good insulation, high temperature resistant characteristics. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber of the main temperature control instrument adopts independent research and development of temperature and humidity controller PLC touch screen. Humanized operation way, easy to learn and use. Enter a digital correction system, built-in commonly used thermocouple and thermal resistance of nonlinear correction table, ensure accurate and stable measurement. PDI intelligent adjustment function, 0. 03 precision of temperature and humidity display, a variety of alarm mode. Heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification is independent and adopt the cold heat resistance temperature control mode ( Optional cold control mode, energy saving 30%) , the use of steam humidification, cooling and dehumidification mode ( Optional air drying dehumidifying system, can be used in low temperature of 30 C30, 5 C5 % and low humidity conditions. In order to avoid the product surface in the process of rapid cooling frost) 。 Constant temperature and humidity test chamber is mainly through the air on indoor space heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification. Test indoor air chamber, circulation duct heating device, cooling equipment, humidifying device and the circulation fan, at the top of the wind deflector and diffuser. Digital temperature controllers and humidity controllers according to the set temperature and humidity, and testing of the indoor temperature sensor transmit signal instructions, by intelligent PID adjustment and SSR control module control the output of the heated humidifier and refrigeration unit work, circulating air blow out all through the test space from the top, and then from the bottom of the cycle, form a closed-loop control mode, achieve the goal of the long-term and stable operation. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber for aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical, military, automotive, Motorcycle) , shipbuilding, electronics, communications and other scientific research units to provide environmental temperature and humidity changes, for users of the machine ( Or component part (s) , electrical appliances, instruments, materials, such as temperature and humidity test, to evaluate the adaptability of test items or evaluate the performance of the test items. It is new product development, prototype test and product qualification test in the whole process of an important test method. The above explanation is the architecture of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, hope can help you, if you want to learn more about deep constant temperature and humidity test chamber of relevant information, welcome to the online consulting service or call our company service ( Website top right corner) Hotline for consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  constant temperature and humidity test chamber
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