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The development status of the shoe material tester industry is in a downturn

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-23
Abstract: Looking at the development status of my country's shoe material testing-equipment' target='_blank'>tester industry, we should admit that it is still in a relatively sluggish period. In this era of knowledge economy, the sustainable development of enterprises with high vitality needs to rely on the ability of independent innovation.   But from the perspective of the 'four major parameters' that have long occupied the leading products of the shoe material tester industry, namely temperature, pressure, flow and level, it seems that there is not much room for development. Therefore, we believe that great efforts and investment should focus on the current weak links in our country and apply more high-tech product research and development. In the chemical production process, there are many types of materials that need to be detected for changes in the composition of materials. However, there are few methods that can be accurately detected and analyzed. The composition analysis of thousands of chemical materials depends on continuous breakthroughs in the level of science and technology. The ability to effectively perform detection and analysis provides the possibility and necessity for the company to make full use of high and new technology to develop new detection methods and develop new products in theory. The purpose of controlling the 'four major parameters' is actually due to the requirements of material composition quality. What manufacturers want to understand most directly is the change of dynamic composition quality. However, most companies continue to use offline static sampling for the dynamic change of composition quality. Testing and analyzing traditional techniques, and even some companies stay in the original way of using test papers, making samples, and using human senses to experience them. The results are often the following:   1. It was revealed that there was a threat of explosion, and then notified to change the abnormal operation, sometimes it was too late, which caused a serious accident. For example, the pollution caused by the nitrobenzene explosion accident in Jihua last year caused a national sensation. It is said to be related to the operation. If there are real-time detections that reflect abnormal component quality, is it much safer?   2. The result feedback obtained from analysis and testing is 'after the fact' that 'time has passed'. For example, if the quality of the ingredients is unqualified, it will often cause the whole The waste or other foreign products of the tower and the whole tank will be completely lost in materials or man-hour energy consumption.  3. It is difficult for us to imagine that the chemical process that has already used the DCS system is still using the analysis method of manual sampling, that is, it is not matched and it is difficult to efficiently realize the integration of management and control.  4. If the sample liquid taken out is harmful, toxic, corrosive and volatile gas and liquid, it will be harmful to the human body and the environment. The final treatment of the sample liquid and the sample gas will also cause pollution and loss.  Related reading: The development of the shoe material tester industry has entered a reliable and stable period
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