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The working principle of magnetic vibration test rig battery

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-27
Battery magnetic vibration test-bed vibration table: the working principle of electric conductor in magnetic field by the effect of electromagnetic force and motion. When moving coil in the magnetic circuit of electromagnetic vibration table by alternating current signal generated when the excitation vibration motor magnetic circuit. Similar to the speaker battery magnetic vibration test rig of shaking table test purpose: random vibration test is suitable for use that may be affected by the random vibration condition in components and equipment. Aimed at experiment for a series of can control the vibration of the simulation, test the product in the life cycle, whether can withstand the transport or vibration test of environmental factors, also can determine the vibration test rig design and functional requirements of standard. Operating at the same time easy to install, simple operation, low noise, maintenance-free, long-term sex. No resonance structure of the machine, the design is excellent, airbag cushion isolation buildings plate vibration effectively. Specification: 1. Three to the sine wave vibration function ( Half wave/full wave) , frequency modulation, frequency sweep, programmable, frequency doubling, logarithmic, time control, simple, easy acceleration amplitude; 2. Vibration table size L500 & times; W500× H( 6 ~ 10) With 25 mm to 10 mm threaded hole and all sides have four about 7 cm hooks empty; 3. Level of vibration direction ( X + Y) 4. The maximum load test 0 ~ 100 kg / 5 maximum exciting force 2000 KGF scope. Any adjustment of 1 ~ 600 hz frequency modulation function, either in the frequency range of frequency cannot exceed the following two items (1 Maximum acceleration & lt; 20 g and maximum amplitude & lt; 5毫米) 6. Adjust 1 ~ 600 hz frequency sweep function, ( The frequency spectrum under/time range), Can be set arbitrary real standard frequency sweep back and forth seven. Programmable function adjust is 1 ~ 600 hz, section 1 ~ 15 of each segment can be arbitrary set ( Frequency/time) Recycled 8. Motive power of 2. 2 kw9。 Simple amplitude adjusting amplitude 0 ~ 5 mm, can't display 10. Maximum acceleration simple and easy to adjust the maximum acceleration (0 ~ 20 g 200米/ s2) Can't show 11. Vibration waveform sine wave ( Half wave/full wave) 2000 kgf12 / maximum sine wave exciting force. Time control at any time can be set ( Unit: second) 13. The power supply voltage 220 v & plusmn; 20% of 14. Maximum current 10 a15. 。 Precision frequency can display to zero. 0 01 hz, precision. 1 hz17。 Natural air cooling 18 cooling way. Applicable range of temperature and humidity and temperature: noise - 10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃, humidity: 10% R. H~90%R. H, noise: below 60 decibels
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