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Types of textile testing equipment

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-15
As we all know, textile testing instruments are mainly used for testing textiles. Common tests include: the appearance quality of yarns and printed and dyed fabrics. There are many types of textile testing instruments in practical applications. Below, the Standards Group will briefly classify textile testing instruments according to the normal name:   1, testing equipment for measuring process properties, fiber length meter, fiber fineness meter, electrostatic meter, friction coefficient Tester, crimp tester, yarn hairiness tester, yarn twist tester, moisture regain tester. 2. Testing equipment for measuring fabrics: fabric strength tensile machine, zipper fatigue tester, fabric pilling tester, button tensile tester, roller box pilling tester, moisture tester, fabric flat grinding tester, fabric tester Thickness gauge, fabric tearing gauge, etc. 3. Testing instrument for measuring color fastness color fastness to perspiration tester, rubbing color fastness tester, dye fastness tribometer, horizontal burning tester, vertical burning tester, 45 degree burning tester, washing fastness Degree testing machine, shrinkage tester (AATCC standard washing machine (Whirlpool, Kenmore brand), AATCC standard clothes dryer, textile viscometer, textile coding machine.   4, universal testing instrument standard light source and color light box (VerVide, UK) CAC60 color matching light box, Judge II imported standard light source color matching light box)    5. Textile testing consumables AATCC white cotton cloth, European wash cloth, American standard wash cloth, Japanese standard stained gray ruler, Japanese standard faded gray ruler, European standard stain Color gray ruler, European standard faded gray ruler, American standard nine-level color chart, American standard stained gray ruler, American standard faded gray ruler, textile marker, faded pen, American standard shrinkage ruler, AATCC multi-fiber cloth, AATCC Stained gray card, SDC soap powder, IEC(B) detergent, IEC(A) detergent, ECE(B) detergent, ECE(A) detergent, SDC standard friction cloth, SDC multi-fiber DW fabric.    article source :
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