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Xi'an Institute of Microtechnology KGD Test Fixture Tender Announcement

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-01
News (reproduced on China International Bidding Network): Xi'an Institute of Micro-Technology KGD Test Fixture Tender Notice! 1. Bidding conditions. Project overview: 1 KGD test fixture. Funding or funding source implementation: the implementation of the project has the description of the bidding conditions: already in place 2. Bidding content Bidding project number: 0617-144000221288 Bidding project name: Xi'an Micro Technology Research Institute KGD Test Fixture Project Implementation Location: Shaanxi Province, China Bidding Product List (Main Equipment): Serial Number Product Name Quantity Brief Technical Specification Remarks 1 KGD Test Fixture 1 KGD Test Fixture 3. Bidder Qualification Requirements Bidder's qualifications or performance : Qualification documents: 1. A copy of the bidder's business license (limited to domestic bidders); 2. Bidder’s bank credit certificate (original or photocopy issued by the bank where the bidder’s account is opened within three months before the bid opening date); 3. The agent’s bidding must have the manufacturer’s original authorization letter and after-sales service commitment; 4. The bidder shall provide the original sample of the publicly issued bidding product; 5. The sales performance of the bidding product in mainland China since 2011 (provide users Name, address, signing time, contact person and contact information, provide a copy of the most recent contract). Whether to accept consortium bidding: Not accept the bidding documents that have not been purchased. Whether you can participate in the bidding: No4. Obtaining the bidding documents Start time of bidding documents purchase: 2014-11-13 End time of bidding documents purchase: 2014-11-20 Method of obtaining bidding documents: On-site purchase of bidding documents. Place of purchase: Room A5D, Huarong International Business Building, 21 West Section of South Second Ring Road, Xi'an. Price of bidding documents: ¥500/$855, deadline for submission of bidding documents (bid opening Time): 2014-12-12 09:30 Place of delivery of bid documents: Room A5B, Huarong International Business Building, No. 21, West Section of South Second Ring Road, Xi'an, Bid Opening Location: No. 21, West Section of South Second Ring Road, Xi’an, Huarong International Business Building A5B Room 6. Bidders must complete the registration on the China International Bidding website before bidding. The results of the bid evaluation will be announced on the China International Bidding Network. 7. Contact information Tenderee: Xi'an Institute of Microelectronics Address: No. 198 Taibai South Road, Xi'an Contact person: Ms. Bao Contact information: 029-88609000-8226 Tendering agency: Northwest (Shaanxi) International Tendering Co., Ltd. Address: Xi'an Room A5D, Huarong International Business Building, 21 West Section of South Second Ring Road Contact: Ms. Jing Xiangqun; Ms. Duan Jingjing Contact: 029-82309881; 029-823098828, Remittance method: Tendering agency account opening bank (RMB): Bank of Communications Xi’an Changan University Branch Tendering Agency Account Opening Bank (USD): Bank of China Xi'an Nanjiao Branch Account Number (RMB): 611301151018010003843 Account Number (USD): 103606570428
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