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Basic parameters of the battery extrusion machine configuration

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-01
Battery extruding machine by squeezing destructive test to test the safety performance of lithium-ion batteries. After the test, battery should not fire or explosion. It is necessary for battery manufacturers and research institutes test equipment. Suitable for lithium ion, nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium, lead, nickel metal hydride and other kinds of monomer battery and battery pack. Battery extrusion machine adopts closed enclosure structure, extrusion chamber with the mechanical parts of the equipment of the ontology and working circuit isolation ( The hydraulic lever piston except abaxial part) 。 Constant pressure hydraulic system to provide a stable, quiet, accord with 13 kn pressure adjustable range, and is equipped with a special displacement control switch, easy to master by the accurate size of extrusion. Closed-loop automatic control to achieve high precision pressure sensor. Steel protective box and toughened glass observation window to ensure safe and reliable testing. Battery tester of extruding studio has explosion-proof and exhaust function, can instantly release samples of blast pressure, exhaust smoke explosion. Studio also has the function of medium corrosion resistant, easy cleaning, can bear the corrosion of battery explosion of corrosive liquid, clean easily. Battery line set of extrusion machine are equipped with metal fire tube, effectively prevent the ignition and combustion phenomena in the process of the battery test. It is equipped with lighting tube, so you can clearly see from the outside situation inside the studio. Battery tester can be done by collecting voltage control extruding test function. In the process of battery test, voltage changes. Enter in the test system and set the specified voltage value, the system output signal. When set the voltage value is reached, extrusion test stopped. Force, displacement and voltage measurements are set in the computer. Control system from the test area, cable distance of 10 meters. Test control procedures can edit, is the logical size value, timing, jump jump jump, cycle, and other functions. Test project is free to edit, user can add, delete, and modify the test program. Test items in the table has a custom formula and display control. The interpretation of the basic parameters of extrusion machine configuration is battery, hope can help you, if you want to know more information about battery extrusion machine, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  battery extrusion machine
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