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Battery burning ( Injection) Principle of testing machine technology is introduced

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-28
Battery burning ( Injection) Testing machine and battery mass ejection test equipment, suitable for lithium battery, Or battery pack) Flame resistance test, design meet GB31241 - 1642, UL 2054 and 2014, UL test standard. Equipment can be normal production, can also be non-standard customized. Jester battery burning ( Injection) Machine inside the box adopts SUS30 # 4 stainless steel, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistant carton cold-rolled steel plate and the outer coating corrosion resistance of the lacquer that bake. PLC man-machine touch interface control mode, the machine has the high testing precision, high safety coefficient, good ability of explosion-proof pressure relief. The test technique principle is as follows: battery burning ( Injection) Testing machine test technique principle is introduced: 1, will test the lithium battery or battery pack on a screen, screen mesh by per inch ( 25. 4毫米) There are 20 of wire mesh opening, wire diameter of 0. 43mm。 Screen is located in a diameter of 102 mm of round hole, hole is located in the center of the test bench. 2 a burner, equipment configuration, can provide a bright blue flames ( Oxygen and methane output pressure adjustable) , wire mesh placed distance of about 38 mm above the flame, and can emit bright red. 3, the equipment is equipped with an eight covering made of wire mesh metal cage, a diameter of 610 mm, 305 mm high, is used for sample testing. Wire mesh by the diameter of 0. 25 mm aluminium wire, per inch ( 25. 4 mm) 16 ~ 18 root aluminium wire; 4, ensure testing samples in the wire online until explosion or lithium batteries ( The battery pack) Are lit and burned out. 6, test results: after the test, battery components ( Dust except shape product) Or battery as a whole must not penetrate aluminum mesh. City jester detection equipment co. , LTD. The research and design group has a strong technical force, can provide users with the response the market demand of high quality products and complete technical solutions and technical services. We want customers want, help customers to zui small cost, create zui big interests. This article from the jester testing equipment company, reprint please indicate the url: https://www. gesterinstruments。 Com/tags: & nbsp  batteries mass ejection test equipment & NBSP battery tester & NBSP battery combustion test method & NBSP mass ejection test equipment manufacturers
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