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Detailed composition of textile instrument test equipment

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-25
Breaking strength tester: This test is used as a general guide to determine the strength of any fabric. Put the sample in the mold, apply pressure from the bottom of the fabric, and then explode after its threshold value, to complete the operation. The speed, duration, severity and other parameters will be recorded when the sample explodes. Burst strength is usually expressed in kPa. Tear strength tester: This equipment consists of a pendulum with a fixture and is aligned with the fixed fixture. The process starts with the pendulum. After ascending, place the sample fabric between the two clamps. When the pendulum is released, as the movable clamp moves away from the fixed clamp, the fabric will tear from the point where it has been cut. A pointer is attached to the pendulum, and the scale pointer can directly read the tearing force. Crease Recovery Tester: This equipment consists of a circular scale, which measures a recovery angle and places a fabric to be placed in the center. For the test, the fabric is crumpled, and then allowed to recover for one minute, and then the recovery angle is recorded. The larger the recovery angle, the stronger the wrinkle resistance. This is done in the warp and weft direction. Parameters such as load (for indentation samples), indentation time and recovery time can be changed for different situations.
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