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From the Nobel Prize for chemistry was awarded to the 'father' of lithium batteries, lithium battery safety performance test equipment industry development

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-20
Scientists in the United States John. Goody, with Stanley. Allen suess whiting um, Japanese scientists yoshino akira three scientists, a 97 - year - old goody's husband also refresh the age the Nobel Prize winning record. He is a recognized & other; The father of the lithium battery & throughout; , his invention made lithium battery is small in size, large volume, use way to stabilize, so as to realize commercial, at the same time open the portable electronic equipment process. Today, the lithium battery has deep into every corner of our daily life. Small to billions of mobile phones, laptops, smart and intelligent household dressing equipment, digital products, such as too big to new energy in the world and the future of electric cars, electric bicycles and storage facilities, the invention and the industrialization of lithium battery directly accelerated the mankind information technology and the development of new energy technology progress.
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