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Hot and cold impact test cases of fault principle and use guidelines

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-09
The causes of deficiency of cold and hot shock testing-equipment' target='_blank'>test chamber refrigeration compressor refrigeration are: 1. Lack of fuel injection quantity. 2. Slide valve is not in the correct position. 3. Steam absorption friction resistance is too large. 4. Equipment wear and tear. Led to the gap is too large. 5. Energy adjustment device failure. Hot and cold impact test chamber refrigeration compressor can not be normal boot reasons: 1. High exhaust steam pressure. 2. Exhaust non-return valve leakage. 3. Energy regulator is not zero. 4. Too many machine inner product oil or liquid refrigerant. 5. Part of the wear parts. 6. Pressure relay failure or low time constant. Hot and cold impact test chamber to avoid turn it off and on again within three minutes refrigeration unit to prevent harm of refrigeration compressor. Hot and cold impact test box must be forbidden heating or test of flammability, flammability, flammability and high corrosive chemicals. Or it will cause unnecessary damage, or it may not be carrying out experiments on it. By a specific practical operation of the personnel of cold and hot shock test chamber, to prevent unnecessary damage due to the actual operation is not standard. Hot and cold impact test box be stationary test to the sample (s) in the middle, can't literally put a side, or it will cause hot and cold impact test box basket askew. Hot and cold impact test in the test object's capacity can't harm personal studio cyclone balance and smooth, or it will harm to hot and cold impact test chamber characteristics and experimental real and effective. Vertical split inner loop flow wind frequency of arbitrary cross section, the area of the test item shall not exceed the total personal studio the 1/3 of the bearing cross-section. Hot and cold impact test chamber environmental test to shut the door, shut before operation, or it will lead to personal studio gas leak, the experiment of characteristic rules. Before doing ultra-low temperature, personal studio is wiped, 60 ℃ dry for 1 hour. Experiments in the cryogenic tank beyond the conditions of above 55 ℃, can not open the refrigeration. Hot and cold impact test cases run, should try to avoid open tail gate, because was in a cryogenic, bitter opened the door of the tail can lead to internal FengBing condition of the air conditioning evaporator and its position, especially in the lower the temperature, the situation is more serious, if must open, should minimize the time. When to run, after equipment completely stop can open closed apply testing. Hot and cold impact test box in the high temperature experiment box when the temperature is very high. Just finished the experiment or test during the whole process, if you want to open the box, open close the door to be very careful, keep in mind, walking along the open position, in case of high temperature burns. The above explanation is the hot and cold impact test box fault principle and using information, hope can help you, if you want to learn more about information about hot and cold impact test chamber, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  hot and cold impact test cases
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