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How does the textile industry rise under pressure?

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-06
China’s largest cotton textile manufacturer-Weiqiao Textile Co., Ltd. announced on May 21 that in order to strengthen industrial upgrading, increase the proportion of mid-to-high-end products, and achieve the principle of high-quality development, the company is building a new automated and intelligent spinning line. He weaving production line achieves elimination, retention, and development, and realizes compression, improvement, and transformation at the same time, and embarks on a road of transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing. The newly-built smart factory will realize the integration of spinning and weaving and the intelligent control of the whole process. The plant plans to invest approximately RMB 820 million. It is expected to install equipment at the end of July 2019 and start production in October 2019. After the construction of the plant is completed, it can produce 15,000 tons of high-end compact yarn and 35 million yards of high-end fabrics annually. The project will adopt measures such as 'Internet +The intelligent track conveyor system of the production line has a length of 35 kilometers. It is fully automated from roving to product storage, and automatically packaged. The entire process does not involve any human directly. With the help of an intelligent control system platform, the production line can be remotely managed through terminal devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and real-time visual monitoring of each process and operation point. In addition, the production line also has many functions such as order progress warning, equipment status warning, quality exceeding warning, environmental exceeding warning, energy consumption exceeding warning, one-click production quality report generation, real-time monitoring of quality data, real-time tracking of orders, seamless integration of ERP, etc. , All equipment will realize data integration analysis. As the company's new intelligent production line is completed and put into production, it will bring about a substantial increase in production efficiency. For example, the blowing and carding system reduces the number of barrel changes by 10%; the sliver combing automation system realizes automatic roll change, automatic splicing, and automatic lap; the thick and fine winding intelligent automatic track system can realize the doffing stop within 3 minutes. The success rate of yarn, the success rate of empty tube replacement, and the success rate of spinning up are close to 100%; the spun yarn adopts 1,824-spinning super-long spinning frame; the AGV barrel conveying system realizes the automatic conveying of the cans and is accurate in place; the Rieter automatic drawing process is equipped The quality monitoring system significantly improves the uneven weight and evenness; the weft insertion rate of the loom reaches 2,565 times per minute. These data, which represent the leading level of the industry, reflect the new kinetic energy generated by Weiqiao textile technology. After the intelligent spinning and weaving integrated workshop is completed, the number of workers on the production line will be reduced by 90% compared with the company’s current production line of the same scale. This not only reduces labor intensity and labor costs, but also improves product quality. The company is in the textile industry. The competitiveness of the company will be greatly enhanced, high-quality development will be achieved, and overall industrial upgrading will be promoted. In the development practice of the enterprise for more than 20 years, Weiqiao Textile insists on taking innovation as the first driving force to lead the development of the enterprise, placing innovation at the core of the overall development of the enterprise, and through continuous innovation of intensive management and management mechanisms, it has formed a Set a unique style of enterprise operation and innovative management mode. All consumption indicators of Weiqiao Textile are at a relatively low level in the industry, enabling the company to maintain its low-cost and high-quality development advantages. In the next step, the company will continue to proactively practice, strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutes, increase technological research and development, continuously strengthen industrial upgrading, and improve the level of intelligent branch factory construction. Through process reengineering, work method innovation, and management model innovation, etc., Jointly promote the development of the textile industry in the direction of green, low-carbon, digital, and intelligent, and make new contributions to building a textile power. Xianyang Xinxing Textile Industrial Park is moving towards 'intelligent manufacturing' to accelerate industrial gathering. Xianyang, the ancient capital of China, is not only a famous historical city in China, but also a famous textile city. It is the largest cotton textile base in Northwest China. Now, in the new historical development period, Xianyang Xinxing Textile Industrial Park is undergoing transformation and development, moving towards the direction of intelligent manufacturing and multi-industry gathering. In Xianyang Xinxing Textile Industrial Park, the first intelligent chemical factory in Northwest China built by Dukepu Garment Company has now entered the equipment debugging stage. A person only needs to stand at a designated location, the device will automatically read the height and weight, and then by taking front and side photos, the device can collect various body data of the person. Subsequently, the data center builds a three-dimensional model to match the corresponding sample, and the workers make it according to specific requirements. Yang Junle, Chairman of Shaanxi Xianyang Dukepu Clothing Co., Ltd.: “For remote and online customer groups, we use remote imaging data collection. For those who come to experience stores, we use smart systems for collection and experience.” In addition to technological innovation, There must be product innovation. In 2018, the company also invested more than 1 million yuan to establish a research and development center in cooperation with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Xi'an Technological University to produce a smart temperature control garment that has just obtained a national patent. Sun Yu, Director of the Ru0026D Center of Dukepu Garment Co., Ltd.: 'We have developed a smart temperature-controlled cotton-padded jacket, which can be adjusted through the mobile phone APP. It has three gears, high, medium and low, which is convenient and fast, so that the clothes can quickly heat up, and its battery life The capacity can reach more than 8 hours outdoors.' Today, Xianyang Xinxing Textile Industrial Park has formed three major industrial systems of 'equipment manufacturing, high-tech, textile and clothing'. The development of the above textile enterprises and the upgrading of industrial clusters are inseparable from scientific research. Only continuous technological innovation, Ru0026D and creation can strengthen our own strength and become the 'vane' in the industry!
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