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How to replace the battery burning tester octagon?

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-28
Battery burning machine is suitable for lithium battery, Or battery pack) Flame resistance test. Meet GB31241, UL1642, UL2054 test standard. Test principle shows that: 1, will test the lithium battery or battery pack in a sieve, sieve by per inch ( 25. 4毫米) There are 20 of wire mesh opening, wire diameter of 0. 017 inches ( 0. 43毫米) 。 Screen is located in a diameter of 102 mm ( 4 inches) The round hole, the hole is located in the center of the test bench. 2 a burner, equipment configuration, can provide a bright blue flames ( Oxygen and methane output pressure adjustable) , wire mesh placed distance of about 38 mm above the flame, and can emit bright red. 3, the equipment is equipped with an eight covering made of wire mesh metal cage, a diameter of 610 mm ( 2 feet) , the height of 305 mm ( 1 ft) For placement test samples. Wire mesh by the diameter of 0. 25 mm ( 0. 010 inches) Aluminum wire, per inch ( 25. 4 mm) 16 ~ 18 root aluminium wire; 4, ensure testing samples in the wire online until explosion or lithium batteries ( The battery pack) Are lit and burned out. 5, test results: after the test, battery components ( Dust except shape product) Or battery as a whole must not penetrate aluminum mesh. Battery tester octagon cover change way to burn: customers in the process of test using octagon cover network tend to be damaged, but we cover octagonal eight are detachable, when the damage of aluminum mesh, simply open the corresponding aluminum frames, the aluminum net flat out on the border, and then the net box close to complete change, change the way as shown: respect of customer, when you use our batteries burning machine, if the aluminum mesh damage will not change, can contact, we will provide telephone guidance replacement service, if still can't change, we will arrange after-sales service personnel to the scene for your replacement. Jester will wholeheartedly for the customer service! This article from the jester testing equipment company, a shaft, please indicate the url: https://www. gesterinstruments。 Com / / tags: & nbsp  combustion machine & NBSP battery mass ejection test equipment & NBSP battery testing equipment & NBSP combustion machine manufacturers
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