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Leather softness test method

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-15
The leather softness test is a conventional indicator for checking the comfort and quality of leather. Different indicators have different testing requirements. Here, the standard group mainly uses the GB standard as an example to briefly introduce you. The purpose of the experiment: to determine the relative softness of the leather. Experimental materials: genuine leather and artificial leather. Test equipment: leather softness tester. Test piece preparation: The test needs to measure the whole piece of leather. If the leather sample is less than the whole piece, at least 30*30 is required Test conditions for three samples: Test temperature: 23±2℃, relative humidity 60±5%. Test steps: 1. First use a test ring with a diameter of 35mm on the test seat of the test machine; 2. Use the metal plate equipped with the machine. , Set the machine dial to zero; 3. Press the sample into the test seat of the testing machine; 4. After the sample is pressed, the pointer on the testing machine will change. After the pointer is stable, record its corresponding value (precision To 0.1mm); 5. Take the average of the values u200bu200bof the three different points of the test. Note: The distance between two adjacent test points is not less than 15cm. The diameter of the test ring: ∮u003d35 mm. The shrink ring is suitable for detecting shoe leather test rings. Diameter: ∮u003d25 mm The shrink ring is suitable for detecting leather for sofas. The diameter of the test ring: ∮u003d20 mm The shrink ring is suitable for detecting leather for gloves or leather clothing. And the diameter of the test ring. Example: Sample name: Brown leather Quantity: 1 piece of test item result method and condition Softness test 1.90mm Temperature: 23±2℃ Test ring diameter: ∮u003d35mm More about leather testing equipment: http://www.standard- groups.com/LeatherShoes/
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