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Nail bed burning test steps and instructions

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-29
1. Nail bed combustion test method Purpose: This procedure is to establish guidelines and standards for evaluating the combustibility of solids to reduce potential combustion hazards.  2. Scope:   2.1. All finished toys or accessories (including hardware or software toys).  2.2. All toy garments that are part of the toy and cannot be separated from the toy must be tested as part of the main axis.  3. Exemption:   3.1. Thread, paper, packaging materials and table tennis.  3.2. Accessible parts whose main size is 1 inch (25.4mm) or less—ASTM.  3.3. Clothes that can be taken must be tested separately and must meet the requirements of 16CFRl610.   3.4. Non-removable toy clothing must be tested as part of the main axis. Nail bed combustion test method 4. Definition:    4.1. Spindle — a straight line connecting the farthest part or end point of the product with the longest distance. A product can have more than one major axis (see Figure 1) but their length must be Are equal.  4.2. Soft toys-any stuffed or plush toys, including mollusks or toy baby names, can be toy parts or accessories of other toys.  4.3. Hardware—some materials with hardness more than 700A Shore hardness. 4.4. Toys—Anything designed, manufactured, or sold for children under 14 years of age for play—ASTM.  4.5. Combustible object—a solid substance that measures 11 inches in accordance with the force described in 16CFR Part 1500.44, 4.6. Combustible substance—a solid substance that, when measured according to the method described in 16CFR Part 1500.44, can ignite and ignite spontaneously along the main axis with a combustion rate exceeding 0.1 inch/sec.  4.7. Spontaneous combustion—Can burn up to 6 inches away without spontaneous ignition.  4.8. Ignition--When the test flame is in contact with the test sample for 1 second or more, then the sample is removed, and the flame remains on the sample.  5. Nail bed burning test method equipment:   5.1. Candles, with a diameter of at least 1.0 inch (25.4mm) and the exposed wick length between 5/8 and 1 inch (16~25mm). 5.2. Matches or lighters.  5.3. A stopwatch with an accuracy of at least 0.1 seconds.  5.4. Fire extinguisher (CO2 or similar non-destructive extinguishing agent) or water.  5.5. Straightedge with an accuracy of at least 0.1 inches.  5.6. Combustion tester (Figure 1).  6. u200bu200bPreparation of nail bed burning test method:   6.1. Number of samples:   6.1.1. It is best to use at least four test samples when testing rigid or soft solid toys.  6.1.2. If the product has removable clothing, the clothing must be removed and tested separately, while the fabric is tested in accordance with the requirements of 16CFR1610.  6.1.3. When the number of samples mentioned above cannot be obtained, at least one sample can be referred to as a preliminary determination.  6.2. Test environment: The test is carried out in a ventilated environment with a temperature of 68 to 860F (20-300C) and a relative humidity of 20-70%.  6.3. Flame height: The flame height is maintained between 5/8 and 1.0 inch (16-25mm). If necessary, the candle or wick can be trimmed.  6.4. Water-washing toys: 'Machine washable' or 'Hand washable' is marked on the sample board, and the test must be done after handling according to the conditions provided.  6.5. Drying the sample: If necessary, the test sample should be dried in an oven at 1350F (570C) for at least 30 minutes.  7. Procedure:   7.1. Use a combustion tester to support the entire sample plate, ensure that the entire part along the main axis of the sample plate does not sag and ensure that the combustion tester does not hinder the spread of flames.  7.2. For some large samples, the full length must be arranged with a combustion tester to support the end of the main shaft. 7.3. If the model has hair that is longer than the shoulders, you can add a thin line (24AMG or above) between the nail heads and put the hair on top, while the model's face is facing downwards. Similarly, the model can also lie down. On the hair, test with the hair down and the face up.  7.4. Ignite the wick of the candle and keep its flame at 5/8 to 1 inch.  7.5. Use the inner cone of the flame to touch the end surface of the main shaft of the template for 5 seconds, or whichever is the first to ignite, then remove the candle.  7.6. Use a stopwatch to measure the time. (Note: If it is a spontaneous combustion model, do not allow the test time to exceed 60 seconds).  7.7. After burning for 60 seconds, put out the flame.  7.8. Measure the length of the burning area and calculate the burning ratio along the main axis of the template.  7.9. Repeat procedures 7.1-7.8 to test the other end of the spindle of the same board.  7.10. Repeat procedure 7.9 to test the remaining samples.  7.11. In the case of only one sample, the worst position of the sample can be selected for testing based on experience. 
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