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Preparation of the salt spray test chamber before use

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-23
Salt spray test chamber using improper preparation can do a lot of damage, the instrument will also affect the results. Today let instrument is to introduce the salt spray test chamber in which should be ready for work before use. 1, in the salt fog test box at the bottom of the studio inside the heat sink with distilled water or deionized water, in case of heating body dry aging. 2, body water seal tank should be injected into the right amount of distilled water or deionized water, shoulds not be too full or too little, with closed box cover when the water and salt fog were not overflow is preferred. 3, atmosphere full with ( Stainless steel barrels) Infuse distilled water or deionized water, flip open before injection valve with full with water valve, water level for 4/5 of the gauge glass box location advisable, to draw water, the water level must be closed air relief valve, at the same time closed full with water valve. For temporary trials and full with evaporation cost, when the water level dropped to 2/5 should be timely filling water, avoid heating tube caused by lack of empty to burn, roast bad satisfied with, and external with hot components. 4, check the water storage tank with task between indoor spray water pipe whether strong cohesion, and good salt solution ( According to the concentration of 5% individually) Into the water storage tank. 5, check the salt spray test chamber fog the fog tube row at the back of the state; Airway is obstructed, can exit through the sewer; Pipe blockage, lest affect emissions of salt fog. 6, good housing outside funnel, check the connecting tube funnel and set the fog pass smoothly. 7, check the gas source and satisfied with the device connecting tube, the linkage between the air and spray pipe is rigid, avoid gas spillover or lack of gas supply. 8, open the salt-fog test box lid, place the sample accurately in the task of indoor sample rack ( And all round the distance of the wall 10%) , keep the interval between samples with the sample. Instrument co. , LTD. The main furniture testing instruments, toys, general test instrument testing instruments, textile testing instruments, etc. You are welcome to inquire the = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = mail market @ gester - company 仪器。 com +86- 595 - 22515230 jobs: the manager phone: + 86 - 595 - Fax: 22515230-0769 23394660 QQ: 63765035: postal address: 523808 songshan lake high-tech industrial development zone technology nine road no. 1's official website: http://www. tony0769. com/
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