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Reasons for the gap between furniture tester companies in my country and foreign countries

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-03
Introduction: In the operation of the national economy, the furniture tester has a huge radiation effect and an immeasurable influence on the national economy. At present, the varieties of middle and low-end products in our country are basically complete, and they can also be produced in batches, and the quality is still very stable. Mid-range products and many key components of non-observing foreign companies account for more than half of the domestic market share, and almost most of the large and high-precision furniture testers rely on imports.  The gap between my country's furniture tester enterprises and foreign countries in terms of comprehensive strength is mainly due to the following aspects:   Low labor productivity: Because furniture testers belong to a high-tech industry, the role of low labor costs is not obvious. The management level of domestic enterprises is generally lower than that of foreign enterprises, so the labor productivity of enterprises that produce high-tech products is much lower than that of foreign enterprises.  The total output value of the industry is low: not only the absolute quantity is small, but the proportion of the total economic output is also very small. The vast majority of enterprises in the industry are small and medium-sized enterprises, and they lack “flagship” enterprises with strong comprehensive strength. Domestic companies have relatively strong market operations capabilities in terms of individual products, but they lack comprehensive strength. Neither human nor financial resources can compete with foreign multinational corporations. Therefore, market competition is weak, and the engineering capability of large-scale projects is relatively lacking.  Insufficient investment in technological development: Because almost all domestic enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, they are not incapable of supporting sufficient and long-term investment in technological innovation in terms of human and financial resources. Take scientific instruments as an example. Usually, the development investment of foreign companies accounts for one-tenth of sales, but my country only accounts for 3%. The problems of stability and reliability are prominent: Although the technical indicators of furniture tester products produced in my country are not very different from those of similar foreign products, the stability and reliability problems have not been fundamentally solved for a long time. It has become an extremely serious obstacle restricting the development of the instrument industry. In fact, there are three main reasons for the above gaps: one is the long-term neglect of the research and development of the basic technology of the furniture tester; the second is that the quality of domestic general parts and basic parts is not good; the third is the quality control and management of the company's products. Weak. Even if the quality of the product is not good enough, then speeding up the development of the instrument industry is just a matter of fact.  Related recommendation: The basic requirements that the calibration of the furniture tester needs to meet
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