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Test standard for fabric tribostatic performance tester

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-10
Fabric tribostatic performance testing-equipment' target='_blank'>tester-scope of application: The fabric tribostatic performance tester is used to test the electrostatic characteristics of the fabric after friction and charge under laboratory conditions. Fabric Tribostatic Performance Tester-Mainly used under laboratory conditions to evaluate the electrostatic properties of fabrics or yarns and other materials charged in the form of friction. Fabric tribostatic performance tester-Applicable standard FZ/T 01061-1999 'Method for measuring the triboelectric voltage of fabrics' GB/T 12703.5-2010 Textile electrostatic performance evaluation Part 5: Frictional electrostatic performance tester for fabrics with triboelectric voltage-Apparatus Features 1. Random display of peak voltage, half-life voltage and time. 2. The peak voltage is automatically locked. 3. Automatically measure the half-life time. Fabric friction electrostatic performance tester-technical indicators 1. Electrostatic voltage test range: 0~10KV, accuracy: ≤±1% 2. Sample rotation linear speed: 190±10m/min, friction applied pressure: 500cN3, friction Time: 0~999.9s adjustable (the test is set at 1min) 4. Half-life time range: 0.1~59.9s adjustable 5. Sample size: 80mm×80mm four pieces, abrasion material size: 200mm×25mm6, host machine size: 450mm×215mm×260mm7, electrical control box dimensions: 450mm×256mm×185mm8, working power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz 200w9, weight: about 50kg More about fabric friction and electrostatic performance tester: http://www.kangjingdianshebei. com/productlist/list-5-1.html
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