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Testing instrument in our country should not survive on the margins of society

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-29
From Beijing has held the 18th annual fair can 'domestic detection instruments and equipment validation and comprehensive evaluation of technical service seminar' on learned that the current instrumentation industry in China is still in the 'to survive in the cracks'. Homogeneity competition, domestic enterprises abroad recessive factors such as technical barriers to restrict, blind purchasing foreign instrument, making a large number of high-priced imported instruments, long high, even in the low-end market, to some extent hindered the domestic instrument development. The personage inside course of study and expert advice, for domestic testing instruments, our country should overall planning, commonality and weak link of industry development organization research, focus on promotion of validation and comprehensive evaluation of technical services, so as to enhance the competitiveness of industry, to narrow the gap with foreign advanced technology level. Deficit, a total of over $50 billion in three years of testing instrument is equivalent to the recessive industry, its innovation, manufacture and application level reflects a country's science and technology and industrial level, testing instruments involved in many fields such as medical, environmental protection, food safety. Import instrumentation has long been occupy the main market in our country, the distribution in the national, provincial and municipal lab, and related enterprises and colleges and universities. China instruments industry association, vice director of Li Yueguang introduces, in recent years, China imported instruments and instrument has been in the trade deficit between state. From 2012 to 2014, the deficit in 17 billion, 16. 6 billion and $17. 7 billion respectively. The National Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2014, instrument and meter industry in our country a total of 4116 enterprises above designated size. 'Small industry scale, professional, 95% of the company annual revenue in one hundred million yuan the following, had $1 billion worth of enterprise. Focus on low-end products, the vast majority of enterprises is still in the 'satisfied with their lives' stage. 'China instruments industry association secretary-general said 闫增 sequence. It is understood that in the field of testing instruments, island ferry, agilent and other foreign enterprises long-term occupation of the market in our country. Function, the parameters are almost the same lab testing instrument, imports nearly 50% higher than domestic prices, but still become preferred customers. The original department of tsinghua university professor Deng Bo thinks, spend the least money to buy to meet the need of analysis detection instrument is to buy the principle. 'Spend money to buy is a practical, rather than buy performance metrics. On mid-range testing instrument at present, domestic equipment and imported equipment almost no difference, can completely meet the use. 'Many of the personage inside course of study, according to the current domestic enterprise basic instrument to research and development, sales and after sales of three teams, better development of enterprises, r&d in its annual output value of the 6% to 7%. The industry believes that low homogeneity competition, the bidding 'marginalized', recessive foreign technology barriers restricting factors such as the current domestic testing instrument is an embarrassment. It is a simple imitation, copy, low-grade homogenized competition state of most domestic instrument. Beijing sea ray instrument company deputy general manager of study on modern hotel groups believe that most of the domestic equipment enterprises in the walk along the lines of: 'low price competition in the market, the product costs is not enough, poor technological level. Enterprises to reduce the price for the market, lowering the cost of purchasing parts, precision machined products and components in China combined with the weak, directly affect the ability of detecting instrument, reflected in the instrument stability is not high. 2 it is the tender threshold, homebred instrument 'dust'. Beijing pioneer wei feng technology development company general manager Fan Fei admitted that in a prefecture level food and drug administration of the bidding book see 'required instrument support seven foreign language'. The tender is not according to the actual need to write, but in order to exclude domestic equipment, write the specific indicators deliberately. Repeatedly involved in domestic testing instrument of bid evaluation arousing yoon said the Beijing chemical industry research institute's chief engineer, a lot of testing instrument localization degree is high, but the phenomenon of purchasing imported products at the county level or happen very often. Some units use public funds purchase, cost, and even proud of have import instrument.
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