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by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-30
Zhongshan the stevie new energy technology co. , LTD. Contact consultation battery testing instrument technology solutions, our company attaches great importance to, after a brief telephone communication, we first give the corresponding technical solution to customers. Through contrast, zhongshan stevie new energy technology co. , LTD. Will ultimately chose the jester, successful our battery testing instrument of a batch of ordering, at present the production of this batch of equipment is underway, strive for an early delivery customers to use. Thank you very much for the customer recognition of jess special products. The zhongshan the stevie new energy technology co. , LTD. To place an order for our battery testing instrument, a total of 4, GX - respectively Battery burning tester, GX - 6053 5099 - S battery tester, acceleration GX - 3020 - Low pressure testing machine, the GX - Z30 batteries 6055 - B WenKongXing battery short circuit testing machine. The small make up a simple introduction of the four batteries testing instrument USES. GX - 6053 battery burning machine: this machine is suitable for lithium battery, Or battery pack) Flame resistance test. Will test the lithium battery or battery pack on a steel wire net, wire mesh is located in a diameter of 102 mm ( 4 inches) The round hole. The wire mesh consists of 20 per inch purpose steel wire, steel wire diameter of 0. 017 inches ( 0. 43毫米) 。 Ensure that test samples in the wire online until explosion or lithium batteries ( The battery pack) Are lit and burned out. GX - 5099 - S acceleration battery tester: acceleration impact testing machine is mainly suitable for electronics, aerospace, shipbuilding, war industry, automobile parts, resistance to impact test in the field of transportation, can undertake a half sine wave impact test. The aircraft impact tester is suitable for the length of 200 mm, width 200 mm, the product quality is not more than 10 kg and small military equipment for impact test. GX - 3020 - Z30 battery low pressure testing machine: this equipment is used for battery altitude lp ( High altitude) Simulation test, the batteries are to be measured in 11. 6kPa( 1. 68 psi) Test under the negative pressure of 6 hours, request measured battery explosion, no fire, no smoke, no leakage for qualified. The device can automatically control test cycle ( For example, 6 h) , fully monitor the pressure change in the cabinet, and realize automatic termination of GX - test 6055 - B WenKongXing battery short circuit testing machine: this equipment is integrated a variety of battery short circuit test standard requirement and design, according to the requirements of standard short circuit device must conform to the scope of internal resistance & le; 80± 20mΩ To achieve maximum short-circuit current test requirements; In the circuit design of the short circuit devices also must be able to withstand the impact of high current, so we choose the industrial-grade dc electromagnetic contactor and copper wiring terminal and internal copper diversion, generous COINS, effectively increase the cooling effect of the large current short circuit devices are safer and reduce the wastage of the testing equipment, to ensure the accuracy of the test data. Control mode: battery polar directly connected to the wire, loop resistance in the process of equipment ( The contactor resistance + end connection wiring + battery clamp three total resistance of 80 & plusmn; 20mΩ ) Open, short circuit switch, battery short circuit directly. Jester testing equipment co. , LTD. Our products can satisfy you use, our after-sale service will sincerely to answer your question for you, our jester's products on the market there has been a very good reputation! ​
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