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The basic requirements that the calibration of the furniture tester needs to meet

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-08
Guide: Under normal circumstances, the calibration of the furniture tester needs to meet the basic requirements of environmental conditions. If the calibration is performed in the verification room, the environmental conditions should meet the temperature and humidity requirements of the laboratory. If the calibration is carried out on site, then the environmental conditions must be able to meet the conditions for the on-site operation of the instrument and equipment.   The other two basic requirements are equipment and personnel. As a standard furniture tester used for calibration, its error limit should be one-third to one-tenth of the error limit of the calibration meter. Although calibration is not the same as verification, the person performing the calibration also needs to undergo a valid assessment and obtain a corresponding certificate of conformity. Only the certificate holder has issued a calibration certificate and a calibration report, and only such certificates and reports can be used. It is considered effective.   What are the differences between the calibration and verification of the furniture tester? In fact, calibration and verification are two completely different concepts, but there are some closer connections between the two. Calibration is usually used to compare the measuring instrument with higher accuracy than the calibrated measuring instrument (also called standard instrument) and the calibrated measuring instrument, so as to determine the indication error of the calibrated measuring instrument.  Sometimes it also includes the measurement performance of part of the meter, but generally the measuring instrument that is calibrated only needs to determine the error of the indication. If the calibration is the verification content of the indication error in the verification work, then the standard can be said to be part of the verification work, but the calibration cannot be regarded as the verification, and the requirements of the calibration are not as strict as the verification. The calibration work can be in production. On-site, but the verification can only be performed in the verification room.   Some people understand calibration as the process of adjusting the measuring instrument to the specified error range. This is simply not accurate enough. Although the furniture tester can be adjusted during the calibration process, adjustment is not equal to calibration.  Related recommendation: Adjust the industry structure of the furniture tester to improve the industry standard
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