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The cause of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber temperature and humidity is not stable

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-12
Constant temperature and humidity test chamber failure and its harm as a result, the scientific research is to enhance the experimental efficiency or evaluate the efficiency of the overall goal and development trend of a general term for a variety of experiments. From as long as it is easy to grasp, evaluation, assessment, analysis, and improve efficiency and development trend of the experiment, can be called a reliability test. If there are goods, always willfulness difficulties effectively, because it is over the whole process from product design to the end of life. Here throughout the process, the goods will be real experience design, manufacture and application maintenance phases, each phase, is full of difficulties appear all sorts of efficiency. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber all normal operation when the rotary temperature and environmental humidity lax very common faults of the solution. This kind of common faults in general people are reminded of instability may be panel instability and cooling, and this is not actually related. Appear this kind of situation the first reason is the air in the humidifier into a water flow is large, resulting in a decrease of the temperature of the air humidifier suddenly. At that time the air humidifier can not supply steam box body, broken will appear in the experiment box temperature lowering, hair heat pipe the output power will be expanded. Temperature and environmental humidity immediately loosened up, and lax will arrive at 1 - Above 2 degrees. Note: this situation is generally under the condition of high and low temperature. 50% of the following environmental humidity is not easy. Under this kind of situation should adjust air humidifier water seepage water flow symmetry to solve common faults. In order to ensure the constant temperature and humidity test chamber of machinery, equipment and test security, please install the earthing protection, and provide switching power supply as stipulated in the technical specifications. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber machine equipment prohibited for inflammable and explosive articles, harmful, strong erosion test of the object. Amateur staff do not tear open outfit, maintenance constant temperature and humidity test chamber. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber machines need to have a solid grounding device, experiment is necessary unless do not open the door or constant temperature and humidity test chamber end into the box, or personal safety may damage and machine equipment wrong operation. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber stern door anti-theft lock can only be opened from the outside world, be sure to some monitoring into the box. If the constant temperature and humidity test box for iron specimens, specimen application plus a switching power supply, please don't have to immediately switch power supply application equipment itself. The casing temperature & ge; 55 ℃, do not open the refrigeration unit, to guarantee the normal running of the refrigeration compressor all life long. No explosion-proof equipment, constant temperature and humidity test chamber in flammable explosive objects dry mania. Cooling effect of goods transfer Angle not more than 45 ℃, when placed in a timely manner, should let stand 1 ~ 2 days to start again, all are beneficial to the refrigeration unit can work normally and prolong life. Don't force the tail door open/closed goods, otherwise easy to cause the tail gate, lead to goods damage, damage accidents. Goods were deactivated for a long time, should be resolved on time to remove moisture, prevent the destruction of related equipment. Goods during the migration, should pay attention to prevent heart damage control panel on the dashboard parts, components, etc. The above explanation is the cause of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber temperature and humidity is not stable, hope can help you, if you want to learn more about information of constant temperature and humidity test chamber, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  constant temperature and humidity test chamber
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