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The development history of textile testing equipment

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-15
Textile testing equipment refers to equipment for testing the physical, mechanical and technological properties of textile fibers, yarns and textiles.   Textile testing instrument is a means for the development of textile production. It has gradually developed from a simple testing tool to a manual mechanical testing instrument, and then developed into a modern testing instrument with electromechanical integration.   In the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period, China not only used human senses to evaluate the quality of silk fabrics, but also used five-color pheasant feathers as the color standard for evaluating fabric dyeing. Starting from the Zhou Dynasty, the length and width of fabrics were measured with a ruler, and public standards were drawn up.   With the development of textile technology, special instruments are required to inspect products to ensure stable product quality.   Since the 20th century, textile companies have used manual and mechanical instruments to test semi-finished products and finished products. On the one hand, they check the quality, and on the other hand, they have become a tool to control the normalization and standardization of textile production. After the emergence of chemical fibers, more test items and instruments are required to reflect the quality and characteristics of the products. With the rapid development of modern electronic technology and computer technology, some modern textile instruments adopt direct digital display, and some are equipped with a micro-processing computing system to directly print out the average number and discreteness of test results, which improves test efficiency and reduces Human error. Article Source:
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