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The furniture tester industry needs to speed up scientific research and development in order to develop better

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-08
In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of productivity and production requirements, furniture testing-equipment' target='_blank'>tester manufacturing has also put forward higher requirements. my country's instrument and equipment industry can only speed up technological research and development on the original basis in order to adapt to market demand.   The advantage of China's cheap labor cost and the good momentum of sustained and rapid development of the overall economy have brought bright prospects for the development of China's furniture tester industry. At present, my country has surpassed the United States to become the largest country in the import and export of equipment. However, the overall level of the instrumentation industry still lags behind the international advanced level, and the output of this instrument is still unable to meet the market demand for push-pull force test equipment. The domestic furniture tester's satisfaction rate for the market is less than 80%, especially with high technical content. In the past two years, China’s furniture tester market has developed well, and the instrumentation industry has become an important area that stimulates consumption and increases economic growth. At this stage, my country's instrument and equipment industry is mainly based on low-end products, and high-end products and key components have not yet achieved localization. my country's furniture tester industry must vigorously develop advanced science and technology, broaden the scope of application of technology, and promptly transform advanced technology into productivity, so as to adapt to my country's growing demand market and promote the rapid development and growth of my country's economy.   Products produced by traditional industries are necessary for daily production and life, and new industries are mostly developed by relying on traditional industries. my country's mold industry has such fundamental advantages. However, with the development of the times, traditional industries need to keep pace with the times and carry out industrial transformation to seek new development. There are no backward industries, only backward production methods. Furniture tester companies should enhance their sense of innovation, cultivate professional Ru0026D teams, vigorously develop Ru0026D technologies for high-end products, and realize localization of high-end products as soon as possible; optimize industrial structure and promote industrial upgrading; develop industrial clusters to enhance the competitive advantage of industry groups; stabilize the country Market, and actively explore foreign markets.   China's furniture tester market has a broad prospect, and the instrument and equipment industry is developing rapidly. Both the number of products and the scale of production have been improved and developed by leaps and bounds, and the sales and export of molds are increasing day by day. However, China's huge consumer market continues to attract the attention of foreign companies, and more and more multinational furniture tester companies appear in the Chinese market.   The above information is compiled and released by shoe material tester manufacturers. It is a related introduction to the furniture tester industry that needs to speed up scientific research and development for better development. Please indicate the source for reprinting!
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