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The future prospects of shoe material tester intelligence and automation

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-24
The application of intelligent technology in the shoe material tester is developing rapidly with each passing day, and new technologies in many other fields are also constantly being integrated. For example, on the basis of making full use of the highest speed physical properties of the photoelectric beam, intelligence has begun to become more human. Actively use the human brain mechanism and the organic intelligence of the biological DNA chip, combined with the high efficiency and dynamic advantages of the inorganic intelligence of the electronic and photon computing speed, and make the material intelligent, and then interact with the virtualization to improve together. Nowadays, optical interconnection technology is using a series of unique physical properties such as extremely high space-time bandwidth, extremely small electromagnetic interference and small interconnection power consumption, which overcomes the essential physical limit of electrical interconnection technology and is dynamic. , High-speed, flexible, and real-time reconstruction of the network interconnection structure, greatly improving the parallel processing capabilities, and creating a new world. This will further create a diverse and open human-machine integration system for mankind, and lay a solid foundation for the colorful anthropomorphic, high-intelligence and high-efficiency automated system, so as to continuously push the human social productivity to a new and higher realm. Human life is striding forward towards a happy and beautiful tomorrow in the intelligent world!    has entered the 21st century, ushered in a new era of network control of control systems, and automated shoe material testers have also begun to enter the new digital, intelligent, and networked new era. stage. Intelligence has become one of the important signs of the current technological level of the instrument industry. The development of control theory and control system technology has driven the development and progress of instrument technology, and new advances in technology will also support and promote the development of control systems.   In summary, as the application of intelligent automation technology continues to deepen and the scope and scale of application continue to expand, the development level of my country's shoe material tester industry will quickly move to a higher stage.
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