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The purpose of the tensile testing machine and function configuration

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-19
Tensile testing machine is suitable for the plastic film, packaging bags, soft packaging materials, medicine, packaging materials, composite film, cling film, protective film, from type paper, stickers, medical tiles, metal foil, aluminum foil, heat shrinkable film, diaphragm material such as tensile, deformation, tearing, gluing, hot sealing, cutting, piercing, stripping, elongation, opening force, rolling force, tensile performance test at low speed. Widely used in plastic packaging, medical equipment companies, food companies, pharmaceutical companies, quality inspection agencies and other units. Tensile testing machine has simple structure, convenient operation, can be placed on the work bench test. Adopt the electronic control system, through the governor control rotate speed regulating motor, variable speed mechanical agencies to slow down, drive T screw lifting load sensors, complete the tensile or compression test of the sample. A strength by the sensor output feedback to the display, test displacement real-time display. Strain and pressure sensors, tensile testing machine adopts imported high precision accuracy is 0. 02%, high sensitivity, the system can reach 0. Level 5 precision, effective load range value of 0. 2% - 100%; Speed precision in the indicated value of 0. Less than 5%. Accuracy of displacement in the indicated value of 0. Less than 5%. The precision of deformation measurement in the indicated value of 0. Less than 5%. By tensile testing machine precision motors, speed regulation system, synchronous belt deceleration institutions such as the integration of drive structure, slow drive screw pair drive test force after loading. The electrical part of the system is measured by the load and deformation measurement system. All the control parameters and measurement results are on the large screen LCD real-time display, and have the function of overload protection. Tensile testing machine control system can be carried out tensile, compression, bending, peel, cut, tear, puncture, such as blasting experiment. Can be according to the requirements of customer products, according to the national standard, the international organization for standardization, the United States material test standard, JIS standard, European standard such as standards for establishment. It can automatically calculate the test force, breaking force, yield strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, bending strength, elastic modulus, elongation and constant elongation stress and constant parameters such as stress and elongation. Tensile testing machine can be automatically reset: when computer receives instruction, the beginning of the test measurement system will be reset automatically. Tensile testing machine can automatically return to the vehicle, test after the interruption, walking beam automatic high speed to return to the initial position. Tensile testing machine can automatically save: automatically saved test data and test conditions, prevent the forget to save the data loss due to sudden power outage. After completion of the test, can use the mouse to find the test curve of strength and deformation data point by point, to obtain test data of various materials, convenient and practical. Multiple test characteristic curve can be stacked, reproduce, amplification and comes in different colors, is used for the analysis and comparison of a set of sample. The interpretation of the above is the purpose of the tensile testing machine and function configuration, hope can help you, if you want to learn more about information of tensile testing machine, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  tensile testing machine
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