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The use of automation of textile testing instruments

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-11
Automation of textile testing instrument use points to ensure the accuracy of the testing instrument test results, textile testing instruments are mostly using automated process now, due to the large variety of textile testing instruments, many operators can't fully grasp the key points of textile testing instrument operation. Below for automation of textile testing instrument use points is introduced in detail, the hope can give some gf operators: a textile testing instrument often are available in several range selection, general instrument error of range value for both ends, so depending on the test object, should choose a reasonable, moderate instrument range. The precision of the textile testing instrument is the instrument of random error and system error comprehensive reflection, in order to get at the same time with the correct measurements, must choose appropriate precision grade of the instrument. Said the replicability of textile testing instrument in different measurement conditions, the consistency of the measured quantities of the same error between usually calls or 'bad', is one of replicability index, so choose instrument, requires a good reproducibility is very important.
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