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Battery acupuncture machine test specific to do?

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-25
Battery acupuncture machine according to the standard design making, testing machine to simulate all kinds of power lithium battery level in use process, battery squeezed; Sharp sharp instrument, such as artificial rendering battery when squeezed or sharps different conditions that may occur. Comprehensive test battery deformation, test voltage, pressure acquisition three parameters; Adopt Taiwan the British witten servo control software. Jester and everyone together to understand the battery tester warming acupuncture test methods and standards. Test method: battery acupuncture machine test should be in 20 ℃ & plusmn; Ambient temperature of 5 ℃, will meet with thermocouple cell ( The thermocouple fixed on a larger battery surface contact) Placed in a fume hood, with a diameter of 2 - No rust corrosion steel needle to 8 mm ( 25± 5) Mm/s speed puncture the battery to the center of the large surface, and keep the 5 seconds. Batteries to be tested with explosion, not as a qualified fire. 1. For cylindrical battery, acupuncture the longitudinal axis of the battery should be parallel to the two tablets and extruding device. 2. Battery for square and soft package, only the width ZhongXinDuan puncture of the battery. 3. For coin type or button type batteries, battery two way puncture plane parallel to the tablet. With 2 mm ~ & Phi; 8 mm high temperature resistant steel needle, Tip of the cone Angle of 45 & deg; ~60° , the surface of the needle is bright and clean, no rust, oxidation layer, and oil) In order to ( 25± 5) Mm/s of speed, from the perpendicular to the direction of the battery plate, through a single monomer battery ( Steel needle stuck in a single cell,) , observed for 1 hour. Second, the battery tester perform acupuncture standard: 1, GB/T 31241 - 2014 'portable electronic products with lithium ion batteries and battery safety requirements 2, UN38. 3 'dangerous goods transportation test and standard manual' 3, IEC62133 'containing alkaline or other non acidic electrolyte secondary batteries and battery ( Group) '4. The portable sealed second monomer batteries, composed of batteries, battery ( Group) And used in portable devices safety requirements. 5, QC/T743 - 201 x electric cars using lithium-ion battery, GB/T 8897. 4 - 2008 'battery part 4 lithium battery safety requirements', GB/T 21966-7 2008 the lithium battery and battery in the transport safety requirements in the 1268-8, YD 2003 'mobile handset lithium battery and charger safety requirements and test methods' 9, GB/T 19521. 11 - 2005 'dangerous lithium-ion battery pack goods hazardous characteristics test safety regulations 032-10, YDB 2009 'lithium ion battery back-up communication type' 11, UL 1642-2012 'standard of lithium battery' 12, UL 2054, 2012 homes and businesses on the battery, the interpretation of the acupuncture is battery tester tests the content of the specific how to operate, hope can help you, if you want to learn more about acupuncture battery tester of relevant information, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you!
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