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Battery extrusion needle-punching machine operation specification, extrusion needle machine manufacturers

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-29
Jester battery extrusion needle tester used to simulate all kinds of battery in a certain temperature conditions in use, transport, storage, and in the treatment of domestic waste, battery squeezed ( Such as compaction garbage) Or acupuncture, and to assess the safety performance of the battery. Battery with no break-up, no broken, not as a qualified fire. Battery extrusion machine meet the GB 31241 - acupuncture 2014 UL 1642:2012 UL 2054: 2012年,UN38。 3 ( 2012). Such as test standard. In operation of this machine should be operated according to the following standard points: 1, connection: connect three phase four wire 380 v power supply, open the power switch, such as screen does not display, please change the three-phase wire in any of the two phase; At the same time the good gas source. 2, enter the system, select the test mode, this machine is a triad and choose three extruding two modes ( Triad extrusion for three conditions, and to perform any conditions to test first stop or start time, stop time to experiment, choose three extrusion is to choose one of three conditions for test) 。 3, according to the actual needs, set up good press open button after test conditions, the battery in place, the battery positive electrode in the direction of the fan, battery placed in the middle of the press plate location. 4, according to a close button, the door is closed, according to the actual needs, set up good test condition, press the start key. 5, after the test, after three to five minutes after seeing no fireworks in the oven can press open button, check the battery, battery explosion fire to battery qualified, the experiment is over. Note: if you are using problems encountered in the process of operation, can contact consulting, we will arrange the most professional technical engineers to you know to operate, and professional training before you use the equipment. Respect jester customer: our company has a strong technical force of high quality design research and development group, will provide customers with high-quality products and complete solutions and excellent technical services company. Company mainly include battery safety testing equipment, battery pack testing equipment, mobile phone testing instruments, environmental testing equipment, tensile testing machine, shoes/leather test equipment, product variety, complete specification, price, quality, welcome you to choose your preferred product. Tags: & nbsp  battery extrusion needle-punching machine & NBSP battery testing equipment manufacturer & NBSP extrusion acupuncture all-in-one
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